Setting up your online farm

The more you put into your online farm, the more you benefit – it’s easy to setup your farm with accurate points of data, and this tutorial will assist you in setting up the following information to begin recording activities during the growing season:

  •  Fields
  • Vehicles
  • Implements
  • Crop inputs
  • Crop hybrids/varieties
  • Buildings
  • Farm operators

Once you have set up your account and logged in for the first time you can start setting up the additional components you’ll need to start recording farm activities. In this particular instance let’s look at setting up a field as an example.

Using your Online Account:

1.  The first thing to do is to hit the Add (+) button on the far right of the MyFarm Navigation panel; the Add Button is the master switch for inputting most of your farm data

2.  In this instance we’re setting up a field, so under the right hand side Setup column click Field

3.  This brings up the Field Record page; here we can start adding in the information that’s relevant to our particular field

4.  Click the Draw Field button and use your left mouse button to click around the boundaries of your field. Click Done when finished

5.   After you have finished adding in your information, click Save. This will save your newly created field in your account and instantly put it on your MyFarm map screen for editing