Setting up your farm

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Using the Add controls
  • Adding in basic farm content
  • Editing existing content

The more you put into your online farm, the more you benefit – it’s easy to setup your farm with accurate points of data, and this tutorial will assist you in setting up the following information to begin recording activities during the growing season:

  • Fields
  • Vehicles
  • Operators
  • Implements
  • Crop inputs
  • Crop hybrids/varieties
  • Buildings
  • Farm operators

Once you have set up your account and logged in for the first time you can start setting up the additional components you’ll need to start recording farm activities.

Add Work

The Add work section of the Add Menu is where users can add new manual activities (as opposed to activities synced directly from Operations Center or Case IH), scouting observations, crop share contracts or variable rate Management Zones and prescriptions. Essentially tasks that specifically relate to seasonal activities:

Activity - Use this option to add new manual activities to the account
Scouting - A tool used to pinpoint and catalogue scouting observations made during the season. Log pest infestations, disease outbreaks and other observations here. Recommendations and fixes for scouting observations can be prescribed via the Scouting tab in the Activities menu
Harvest Tracking - Log harvest pickup, deliveries and record delivery dockets here


The Setup menu provides you with tools necessary to set up the farm, input, equipment and devices associated with your farm.

MyFarm - Tools designed to manually set up the basic components of a grower's farm, like field boundaries
Products - This is where you can manually set up the product inputs used during the season. Once setup, product inputs can be viewed and administered from the Setup Page
Resources - These tools specifically relate to the 3rd party devices or equipment setup. AB Guidelines, Ditch/Levee data or field flags can be exported manually or wirelessly to in-field machinery