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Protect your integrated solutions

You are uniquely positioned as the gatekeeper and local authority of integrated solutions and data services for your growers. Don't let the competition disrupt your business. AgDNA can provide you with the leading data management platform on the market today fully branded for your dealership. What you can expect from AgDNA:

Automated data management

Automated data management

Profit Loss predictive tools

Profit/Loss predictive tools

VRx, NDVI and Benchmarking

VRx, NDVI and Benchmarking

Marketing and engagement

Marketing and engagement


Automated data management

AgDNA's Precision Platform is a Farm Management Software (FMS) solution that combines data science and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to help commercial crop producers increase yield, reduce input costs and maximize farm profitability. AgDNA's FMS is considered one of the world's most intelligent farm management software platforms.

The platform integrates directly with in-field equipment and automates data management with little manual input. It simplifies a grower's management toolkit down to a single solution and manages a grower's data from soil to silo.

Automated data management


Address profit limiting factors with Pixel Profitâ„¢

Exclusive to authorized AgDNA dealers, Pixel Profit automatically calculates critical profit and loss management zones on every acre. See precisely which regions of a field are performing and make informed decisions on how to address profit limiting factors.

Pixel Profit is the most powerful profit and loss tool commercially available and will maximize the potential of your customer's operation with automated profitability analysis on every acre. Pixel Profit analyses every field activity, crop input and bushel harvested to create a profitability map for every field.

Pixel Profit

View profitability on every acre

View profitability
on every acre

Maximise your customer's operation potential with automated profitability analysis on every acre. Pixel Profit analyses every field activity, crop input and bushel harvested to create a profitability map for every field.

Future-proof your investment

your investment

Farming is tough and making a profit is even tougher in today's ag economy. Take the guess work out of decision making and use AgDNA's world leading technology to future-proof your operation for years to come.

Turn data into dollars

Turn data
into dollars

Let your existing technology do the work for you. Pixel Profit uses your machine data, agronomic information, product purchases, harvest records and more to automatically map your field's profitability on every acre.

Fix yield limitations

yield limitations

Ever get the feeling you have a field level issue but don't know where to start? AgDNA's all-in-one farm management platform ties your operational and agronomic data to financial performance so you know the ROI of every decision.



State-of-the-art NDVI, VRx and Benchmarking

Crop analysis and equipment management is a two way street with AgDNA; Analyze crop health, create management zones and send variable rate prescriptions wirelessly to equipment from your AgDNA control panel. With our premiere Benchmarking functionality, benchmark yield by variety and soil type for optimum seed selection.

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Increase brand loyalty; go mobile

Your Precision Platform includes a fully branded app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Generate news, create promotions and market directly to your customers with direct messaging.

Use the best-in-class mobile sales and marketing tools and take ownership of your brand message.

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The AgDNA dealer app

The AgDNA dealer app


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