Using your online dealer portal to edit information

As part of your Precision Mobile Package, along with your mobile app is your  Dealer Control Panel – from here, you’ll be able to control all the dynamic sales and promotion data for your mobile application.

Below you’ll find a basic reference guide on the most prominent controls in your Dealer Control Panel, and how they relate to your mobile app.

1. Accessing your app controls

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After you’ve signed in to your online account, the first page you’ll encounter is your MyFarm map screen – your Dealer Portal also includes controls for the AgDNA PRECISION package, so if you haven’t upgraded to an Integrated Solutions package don’t be concerned, this is just your default load screen. Once you upgrade and once your client’s data begins to flow through your portal, this map screen will be loaded with important recorded information.

To access your app controls, hit the ‘Settings’ option in the top right dropdown.

2. Familiarize yourself with your controls

In Settings you can access the basic functions of your application – the App Control Panel, located in the center of the screen, allows you to navigate between the varying pages that will send information to your application.

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The Account Tab manages the basic information of your dealer portal, and becomes an important tool to fill out if you’ve also upgraded to a PRECISION package; on their online map screens, your clients will be able to hover over and select important information about your business, so filling this out is essential. Even if you’re just using the basic package, this information is also important, because as updates to your app continue, this info will soon play a crucial part in making your application more dynamic in future versions.

The Users tab allows you to add, delete and manage the accounts of additional staff members and give them access to your Online Dealer Portal.

3. The Add New Button

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Located on the far right of the App Control Panel is the Add New button – regardless of what Tab you currently have selected, to add a new item to the list, simply hit the Add New button and your portal will automatically detect what information you’re trying to upload, and generate a new form to begin inputting the information. Think of it as your ‘Easy’ button.

4. Dynamic Map Pages – Stores and RTK Towers

The Stores and RTK Towers Tabs relate specifically to the Locations and RTK Network buttons/Pages on your PROMOTE Application. Here you can add in new items, edit existing items, or even delete them entirely off the list.

To add new Stores or Towers, hit the Add New button on the far right of the App Control Panel. This will take you to a new blank form where you can fill in the required information.

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Importantly, after you’ve put in your basic information, the map tool allows you to geo-locate either your store or RTK Tower – this is crucial for your application, because the dynamic map functions of your app rely on the specific Latitude and Longitude coordinates you provide. You can also enter those manually; If you don’t know where to find coordinates, a quick and easy way is to use the Google Maps “What’s Here” function.

To edit existing items, simply hover over them in the List Screen and click them with your left mouse cursor. At this time the information is locked to prevent mistakes and accidents from affecting your live app data. To unlock the page, hit the ‘Edit’ button on the bottom of the screen.

5. News and Promotions

News and Promotions make up a large part of your mobile marketing presence, and are important aspect of your mobile campaign. The News and Promotions Tabs in your App Control Panel relate specifically to the News and Specials buttons/pages located in your application.

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Just like Store and RTK data, your current news and promotions are organized in a basic list view, and can be edited in the exact same way by highlighting them in the list and left clicking on the cell.

To add a new News item or a Promotion, highlight the Tab you need and hit the Add New button on the far right of the App Control Panel. This will give you a new blank form where you can fill in the required information.

TAKE NOTE - However unlike Store and Towers, these particular items are listed chronologically in your application, so how they appear on the app is dependent on either the order they are added into your portal, or by the date you assign to them. The latest new and promotions are listed at the top of your App pages, and become the feature articles for that particular page.

Also note that your images will be automatically scaled to 1080 x 546 pixels; your portal allows you to add in a picture of any size (with a maximum limit of 2mb), however that image will be automatically scaled, so if it’s smaller than the 1080px width suggested, you may see pixelization.

To see how your new entry looks on your application, hit the View button on the far right of each cell, this will open up a new popup window that allows you to see how your data is being displayed on your app.

6. Staff Directory

This Tab relates specifically to the Contact button/page in your mobile application – here, just like previous pages, you can add new staff, as well as view, edit and delete contacts in your existing list.

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Adding in as much information as possible is important, because the Email and Phone functions located on your Contact page is dependent solely on the information you provide here.

NOTE – with large staff lists, use smaller photos or photos with smaller MB sizes; the more hi resolution photos you add, the more you run the risk of slowing down your mobile app.

7. PDF Support Guides

Lastly, the final Tab on your App Control Panel is the Support Guides Tab, which directly controls the PDF Resource guides located in the Support Guides section in your app menu.

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Here, like the previous tabs, you can add new PDF resource guides, or view, edit and delete current items in your list view.

NOTE – When adding in new PDF Resources, you can either specify to upload a new PDF file locally from your computer, or you can provide a third party link to any PDF resources you may already have uploaded to your website.

8. Final thoughts

Always remember, what happens on your portal, happens on your app! Changes are instantaneous, and remember to take care when navigating your Online Dealer Portal as much as possible.

On the plus side however, once you learn the basic controls of your online App Control Panel, your mobile package will quickly become the most important tool in your mobile marketing arsenal.