The MyFarm Map Screen

Topics discussed in this tutorial:

  • The MyFarm map controls
  • Weather
  • Charts and graphs
  • Adding new data

The MyFarm Map Screen

The AgDNA Dealer Portal is a powerful synthesis of map viewing software and farm management systems, that will give both you and your customers the edge in properly maintaining both their farms and their machinery.

Your online portal is effortless to navigate, visually appealing, and as you’ll come to see, incredibly easy to master.

Here are just some of the basics:

Viewing customer data

At any one time your AgDNA portal is focused on a single customer; the maps and information you see displayed on your screen upon login relate to one solitary client.

Change to view a different customer’s data

On the top far left of the screen you’ll see a dropdown box – here you can toggle the information to be displayed. Changing accounts will immediately change the map screen and load the information relevant to this particular customer; this is the account selector. Customers have only one account, but can have multiple Clients and Farms attached to each account. Your customer's online account doesn't have this dropdown, all they see is the Client, Farm, Season and Field selector.

Next to the Account Tool is the Client Selector tool – each account can have multiple clients, with multiple sets of data.

To the right of the Client Selector dropdown is the Farm Selector tool – larger clients can have multiple farms spread out over varying geographical distances. You can change the map view to instantly snap to a different farm location by changing farms in the Farm Selector tool.

Lastly you'll see the Season, Field and Crop selection filters. The Crop selection filter is located on the bottom of the MyFarm map screen and is used to toggle the various crop filters on and off. You can use these filters to show specific data on your MyFarm map screen

On the very far right of the screen you'll notice three extra menus; the helpdesk, your dealer controls and your login controls.

Use the Help tools when you need to access frequently asked questions and helpful tutorials.

The next control center is your dealer control panel, use this to find all of your dealer controls; note that your customers won't see these dropdown controls. From here you can access:

  1. Customer information
  2. Staff/user access
  3. App marketing controls

The last dropdown gives you access to your login controls. Use this panel to logout, and also to keep up to date with new controls and features using the What's New update window.

The Account Completion Tracker

Located on the right hand side of the upper horizontal admin bar, the Account Completion Tracker is a tool that analyzes whether or not the selected account meets the most basic criteria required to operate effectively. An account that operates at peak efficiency will be shown as '100%' completed.

Selecting the tool will open a dropdown menu that allows the user to track the progress of the account. If important data is required, a red X icon will appear beside it, meaning it requires attention. Selecting any items in the dropdown menu will open the relevant upload screen to begin filling in missing data.

The Account Dashboard

When viewing an account the Account Dashboard is automatically displayed. The dashboard is the information box that hovers over the MyFarm map screen, projecting relevant activity info, crop summaries, current weather and up-to-the-minute commodity crop pricing. The dashboard can be toggled on and off using the Dashboard button, located on the Horizontal MyFarm Navbar. You can also close the window by selecting the Close button and/or choose to keep the window hidden the next time you log in by selecting the Don't show again option located on the bottom left of the window. This can be undone by selecting the Dashboard icon on the Navbar and de-selecting the Don't show again option.


The AgDNA Dealer Portal Toolbar

When your client logs in to their account, they’ll see a branded user portal that looks similar to your AgDNA Dealer Portal, however as an admin you have additional tools and options available to you. The Toolbar at the top of the screen is an easy way to navigate around the portal and view the varying information assigned to each client.

 Map View

The first button is your Map View, if you want to return to the map view at any time just click this button and you’ll instantly be taken back to main farm satellite imagery page


The second button is the Chart View – this is a breakdown of the selected farm, including crop types, recent rainfall, weather forecasts, and even current commodity prices


Toggles the MyFarm Dashboard on and off.

 Activity Screen

The third button will overlay the recent activities undertaken on the selected farm – seeding, harvesting, tillage and more is displayed here in chronological order, as well as recent scouting reports and a chronological breakdown of every layer in every field

 Activity Calendar

Next to your Activity History button is your activity calendar - a visual representation of past and future activities in your activity list. The Calendar allows the user to plot their movements chronologically, and provides breakdowns of each task on a daily basis


Located mid way across the Navigation Bar is the weather toggle; hitting this button toggles local weather for the selected farm on and off

 The Layers Button

Missing information on the map screen? Or maybe there’s too much? The Layers Button allows you to turn information that’s overlayed over the top of your maps on and off. In other words, you can make your map as complex or as simplified as you want. Information that can be viewed on your map view includes:

- Field Boundaries
- Field Labels
- Field Area
- Field Irrigation
- Crop Labels
- Variety Labels
- VRI Pivots
- Scouting Observations
- Info Panels
- Field Connect Devices
- Your store locations
- Local RTK Towers


This toggles the equipment functionality that allows users to view up to the minute equipment metrics as well track in-field machinery in near real time. 

 Map Printing

The Print option allows the user to print off a copy of their MyFarm map screen, and populate their image with useful layer information. Simply hit the Print icon and select the information you want displayed; the system will then generate your map as a PDF image where it can be printed directly from your control panel

 The Export Button

Your online control panel is unique compared to other systems, in that you have the option to export all of your current farm data directly from your MyFarm map screen. Once you hit the Export Icon, select the information you want to save, click 'Export', and your data will be collated and saved as a zip file directly to your computer

 Setup Button

This is the master switch for your entire dealer operation. Here you can view at a glance all of the separate information for all of your clients, allowing you to view information without having to switch between clients using the top left customer tool

 Add Button

Want to add new clients? Vehicles? Fields? RCD data? Here is the place to do it. This is your toolkit for adding in NEW data into your system. Along with data and client information, you can add new machinery, implements, auxiliary devices and recording equipment and assign them to a particular customer here

 Search Button

Your portal is equipped with a universal search function that allows you to find activities, scouting observations or any other kinds of farm data instantly

 Current Location Button

So alongside the horizontal functionality of the Navigation Toolbar are the vertical map control buttons; Zoom in and Zoom out is pretty self explanatory, however at the top of the Vert.Nav Bar is the 'Current Location' icon. No matter how you're zoomed in, or where you wander off to on your map screen, every time the user hits this icon, they are taken straight back to their current location

 Zoom to extents

Another map tool that zooms your current view to encompass your entire farm and all its field boundaries

 Zoom in/out functions

Zooms the map screen in and out

 Map/Satellite toggle switch

AgDNA uses by default an advanced satellite view to provide an overview of your client’s farm, however if you’re after something more simplified, this switch allows you to toggle between the advanced satellite view, and a simple map view for easier viewing


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