The Dealer Dropdown Menu

Topics discussed in this tutorial:

  • Marketing controls
  • Staff accounts
  • Payments

Located on the top right hand side of your portal screen, the Dealer Dropdown Menu plays an important role in both setting up your dealership and maintaining the marketing functionality of your online campaigns.

Grower website and Dealership portal distinction

It’s an important thing to remember that the MyFarm Map screen is the same for both your grower’s online accounts and your admin portal. This is because:

1.  It’s easier during training to experience the same control interface that your customer’s will use; and
2.  As an administrator, you can easily segregate the functionality that controls your customer’s account and the administrative functionality that manages your dealership.

For this reason the only difference between your account and your customer’s is the unique Dealer Dropdown Menu (DDM) provided to dealer administrators.

DDM Controls

The first section of your DDM relates to customer management. Select the View Customers option to generate a list of all the customer’s saved in your portal, or use the Customer Wizard to generate a new customer record.

You can view the full tutorial on adding new customers here.

View /Manage staff accounts using the View Staff Accounts and Add Staff Account options under the Staff heading. You can view the full tutorial on managing staff accounts here.

The Payment section of the DDM relates to auto monthly-maintenance payments. To begin setup of automatic maintenance, select the View Credit Cards option under the Payment menu. You can view the full tutorial on payments here.

Located under the Marketing Menu is the list of controls for managing both your mobile app marketing functions and your MyFarm Map dealership listings. You can view the full tutorial on managing your mobile marketing campaigns here.

The last section of your DDM relates to general map and functionality settings throughout the portal. You can view the full tutorial on custom legend functionality here.


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