Setup controls

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Accessing and maintaining your saved farm data
  • The Setup page controls
  • Managing data on your dealer app

Setup Controls

Accessible via the MyFarm map screen, the Setup page is your control center for accessing and editing the following types of data:

  • Inventory
  • Fields
  • Clients and Farms
  • Data files
  • Product Database
  • Purchases
  • Equipment information
  • IoT Devices, and
  • Management zones

In short, the Setup page of your online account is the main inventory of your online farm – it lists all the various components your farm requires to automatically generate reports or to log farm activities. 

Divided into four main categories, you can access and edit most of your existing farm data from this screen.

Accessing the Setup page

1.  You can access the Setup Page using the Horizontal Navigation Bar located at the top of the MyFarm map screen

2.  Inside the Setup Screen you’ll find tabs containing list-views of all the various components of your farm. Clicking on an item will allow you edit the information and some items allow you to edit data directly from the cell using the Edit button

3.  To add in new information, close the Setup Screen and hit the Add Button (+) which is located next to the Setup Button on the far right of the Horizontal Navigation Bar

Accessing the Setup page via your apps

1.  Working much the same way as your online account, the Setup Page in your mobile app contains list-views of all your various farm components. To access the Setup Page tap the Setup option in the App Menu

2.  Tap on any of the items in the list to be taken to a secondary setup menu. Here you can add new items to your list, or you can edit items by tapping on them

Your Setup Controls

The Setup page is divided into five distinct categories, each handling a different aspect of your online farm:

  • Enterprise - Fields, data files and other generic items associated with the basic setup of your customer's farm
  • Products - Your customer's product list and the management tools associated with maintaining and updating purchases throughout the season
  • Resources - Equipment, field devices and peripheral resources attached to the farm
  • Zones - A database of Management Zones and Prescriptions created by this account
  • Templates - A list of activity plans and seasonal templates created by this account


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