Harvest tracking

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Adding a delivery record
  • Uploading scale photographs
  • Post-Yield calibration

Soil to silo

Managing crops from planting to harvest is really only one piece of the farming puzzle, and through our feedback channels one of the most common discussion topics we encounter is the antiquated nature of crop tracking during harvest.

To combat this, AgDNA is has developed our Harvest Tracker Tool that was designed to bridge the gap between growers and contractors, and remove the inaccuracies of pre-existing systems that monitor crops between when they leave the field, and are delivered for processing.

Harvest Tracking

1.  Open the Add Control Panel using the Add Button (+) on the RHS of the map toolbar

This opens up your Add Control Panel, where you administer all new activity and data records for the selected client. Select the Harvest Tracking option under the Add Work heading.

2.  Once the crop is weighed, the relevant information can be entered into the system

The Harvest Tracker Tool gives a grower’s employees or contractors the ability to enter information directly into the system from their mobile device, and the map location tool creates an accurate GPS geo-location of exactly where the information was entered.

3.  Upload a photograph of the ticket

The final step in the process is generating an image of the ticket, so farm operators can generate accurate records of crop transactions, and verify the information entered by the driver or contractor.

Using Harvest Tracking on your mobile app

Your Mobile Dealer App also allows your customers to create and manage harvest records from their Apple and Android mobile devices.

To create a new Harvest Tracking record, select the History page from the vertical app menu, accessible from the landing page of the mobile app.

The History page syncs with the associated online account and displays Harvest Tracking records, Scouting observations and Manual Activity records. Select the Harvest Tracking option and hit New in the top right corner.

AgDNA’s Post-Yield Calibration gives growers the opportunity to adjust their yield totals and accurately record the difference between the number of bushels harvested and the number of bushels delivered.

A lot can happen while crops are being delivered, and Post-Yield Calibration is the easiest way to make sure your data is 100% accurate.

To begin Post-Yield Calibration

1.  Post-Yield Calibration only works if Grain Tracking records have been recorded on the farm during the season. To check if you have any Grain Tracking records, click the Activity History button on the MyFarm map screen and hit the Harvest Tracking tab

2.  Yield Calibration is performed on a field-by-field basis, so click the field that has crop delivery data recorded on it. From the Field Overlay window hit the Details button

3.  This will open the Field Record overlay. Select the Grain Tracking option. Beside each crop type listed on the Field Record you’ll find a button marked Calibrate Yield. Hitting this button will automatically begin processing the yield data and the yield records will automatically be adjusted


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