Editing your mobile app data

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Dealer Dropdown Menu
  • Mobile app
  • News and Promotions

Located under the Marketing heading of your Dealer Dropdown Menu (DDM), the store and marketing campaign functionality in your DDM manages the various dealership pages of your mobile dealer application and MyFarm map screen.

Selecting any of these items from the DDM will open your dealership settings panel. The panel is split into several unique categories:

The Dealer Dropdown Menu
This tab manages the basic settings of your dealership admin account, including all of your mobile app tools. This dropdown isn’t available to view by customers, it is enabled only on your dealer portal.

A additional tutorial on the Dealer Dropdown Menu is available here.

This tab manages the staff accounts linked to your online portal. View the full Staff tutorial here.

When setting up your dealership, this is one of the first tools that you’ll need to use to manage your dealership effectively. Stores are important hubs that are viewable on both the MyFarm Map screen by customer’s and are anchor points for several pages on your mobile app, including your mobile staff directory and additional mobile functionality.

To add a new store, select the Add new button located on the top right of the Settings tab-bar. It’s important to include not only the name of the store, but also the Phone, Email, Address and latitude and longitude coordinates of the storefront too. These are essential to both locate the store using your mobile’s guidance functionality and to allow customers to contact you directly from their mobile device.

If you don’t know how to find the latitude and longitude of your store location, one simple way is to locate the address in Google Maps, right click the location, select What’s Here and then copy and paste the geographical coordinates provided.

RTK Towers
If you’re a dealer with an RTK Network available to your customers, fill out this section to allow your local growers the specific information they’ll need to connect to your RTK Network.

* Note – The RTK Section of your mobile dealer app is equipped as standard on the landing page. If you would prefer this to be private and available to your signed customer’s only, contact your AgDNA Account Manager to remove RTK functionality from your app.

The News Update section of your mobile application is managed from this tab; the latest news updates are featured at the top of the news page on the mobile app as a Featured story, while older news is pushed down the page in chronological order by date.

To add a News Update, select the Add New button, located on the right hand side of the Settings tab-bar and fill out the information required.
Each story also requires an image; it’s recommended that images be at least 1080w x 546h pixels or to a similar scale. Images will be scaled within the app to fit these dimensions. It is also recommended that you embed no text onto the image, because within the story headline is inserted over the images as dynamic text.

Additionally, by toggling the Send Notification selector tool all of your customer’s with the mobile application will receive a mobile alert, informing them that your dealer app has been updated.

This displays all your current promotional items and allows you to edit, view or delete them. If you haven’t posted any promotions yet this database should be blank. To add a new promotion, select the Add new button located at the far right of the tab bar, Fill in the promotional details, making sure to include both a contact phone number and email. These won’t be displayed in your app, however they will be converted to a phone and email icon that allows your customers to contact you either way directly from your mobile device. This means your promotions can not only be tailored towards a specific store, but also allows correspondence to be directed to a specific person.

Additionally, by toggling the Send Notification selector tool all of your customer’s with the mobile application will receive a mobile alert, informing them that your dealer app has been updated.

* Note – Store Specials and Equipment Specials are located on different browser tabs in your app. Store specials allow you to make generalized promotions and Equipment Specials give you the opportunity to promote individual pieces of equipment.

Staff Directory
This tab allows you to change the information displayed in the Contact Us section of your dealer app. Just a note, this section is different to the Staff settings contained within the Staff tab. The Staff Directory tab specifically edits the contact information for staff listed on your mobile dealer app and does not manage the login details for staff on your portal.

If you haven’t added any contacts yet this screen should be blank. To add a new contact hit the Add new button located on the far right of the upper settings tab-bar. Fill in the contact details and hit Save.

* Note – Images will be scaled to 1080px high by 546px wide. You can upload images bigger than this, but they will be scaled to fit the confines of the dealer app. Also, contacts are categorized by Store, so to begin adding staff contacts to your dealer app you need to set up store locations first.

Support Guides
Located in the fly out menu of your dealer app, the Support Guide section gives customers the ability to browse PDF support guides from their mobile device. These can include technical specs of equipment, user manuals, how-to-guides or any PDF documents that you wish to upload.
This tab displays a list of PDF guides added to the app. If you haven’t added any files yet this screen should be blank. To add a new file hit the Add new button located on the far right of the upper tab bar.

The Support Guide Record screen gives you the ability to fill out guide descriptions and categorize your support articles into specific categories. You can also select the icons displayed beside the guide in the app and you can also link your guide to an already existing public internet link instead of uploading a PDF file from your machine. The Favourites dropdown toggles the Favourite function on and off – favourite items are put to the top of the support guide list.

Once you’ve filled in your PDF description, hit the Save button and the file will automatically begin uploading to your online database. Note, depending on the file size this might take some time. It’s recommended not to upload files greater than 4MB.

This option controls the direct messaging features of your mobile app. Direct messages not only show up as large email-like messages in your customers app inbox, but they also prompt the mobile app to display a Push Notification that alerts both iOS and Android app users that they have received a new message. The messages are located in the Inbox section of the app, located on the top right Landing Page, marked by an envelope icon.

Selecting the tab displays a list of recent direct messages you’ve sent directly to your customers. If you haven’t sent any messages yet this screen should be blank. To send a new message hit the Add new button located on the far right of the upper tab bar.

Fill in the title and the message content and hit Send. The message is then automatically sent to your customer’s inbox and they will receive a push notification alerting them they have received a new message.

You can also send old messages again – simply click on an old message, hit the Edit button and click Send. This will resend the previous inbox message.

Custom Legends
The Custom Legends functionality allows you to control how your map legends are displayed on your MyFarm Map screen and mobile app.
View a full tutorial on Custom Legend functionality here.

RSS Feeds
While the News tab allows you to manually upload news items for the News section of your mobile application, you also have the option of adding RSS XML News feeds to your portal for continuous news updates.

This is a great tool for dealers that want to link their app to their website news feeds, or perhaps dealerships that want to introduce other localized news services to their app news feed.

To add a new XML news feed, select the Add new button located on the right hand side of the Settings tab-bar, enter the feed name, copy and paste the XML web address into the URL section and select Save.

* Note – RSS News feeds are not available on all Dealer mobile app installations. To request RSS feeds for your dealer app, contact your AgDNA Account Manager.


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