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Topics discussed in this tutorial:

  • The marketing controls of your app
  • Messaging customers
  • Audience interaction

The AgDNA mobile application is like having a mobile billboard for your dealership – Advertise store promotions, disseminate news and important event information to your clients, and even connect customers with your RTK tower network.

The app itself is designed to be stylish, modern, and yet contemporary enough to suit the functional requirements of farmers and operators within the agricultural industry. For this reason it’s easy to use, aesthetic, and practical enough to market your dealership directly to your target market.

Let’s run through the features of your mobile app.

The Landing Page

Your landing page is completely customizable, with unique background images and personalized mobile moments available to suit your dealership.

From here your customers can browse the various functions of the app, as well as access the unique store information for each of your dealerships. In essence, this is your home screen, the crucial focal point that acts as a hub for your all information. Swiping horizontally across the screen will change the information displayed in your custom mobile moments, and hitting the menu icon on the far right will access even more administrative functions.

The Flyout Menu

The Flyout menu handles all the administrative functions of your application – here customers can connect to your parts and services departments, interact on your social media websites, and download the latest PDF support guides and manuals for their certified equipment.

Store Locations

Being completely dynamic and geo-synchronous, your app has the ability to not only display your store locations, but offer customers turn by turn directions to their nearest dealer. The top map is fully scrollable, and tapping on store locations changes the information displayed in the central status bars. Via their mobile device, users can email or phone stores instantly, putting your dealership directly into your customer’s pocket.

Contact Lists

Let’s be honest, contact forms are a little outdated – emails to generic accounts sometimes have the tendency to fall by the wayside, potentially losing new sales or isolating loyal customers.

Your contact page sorts your stores by location, and dynamically lists all of your staff for quick and easy contact by your clients. Imagine new customers being able to contact sales staff directly, or existing customers being able to instantly talk to people they’ve been in regular contact with before.

The search function at the top of the page allows users to search for contacts by name or location, while the bottom of the page can scroll up and down to search manually. Once a customer finds the contact they’re looking for, tapping on the area will reveal even more detailed information. Users can now contact your staff directly from their mobile device.

Your news

Keeping customers informed in key – your  news page is 100% controlled by you, and allows you to disseminate your blogs, articles, or important updates to your client base, something that will encourage engagement on even greater levels.

News articles are dynamic, and are controlled by your online control panel located in your dealer web portal. Once you upload articles via the portal they are instantly updated on your application, with the latest story being displayed first as featured article at the top of the screen. Tapping on a news item will open the article screen.

Once here a user can choose to share the article via social media, a particularly useful tool for you if your business is a regular content generator.

RTK Network

Your app is more than just a way to promote your business, it also functions as geo-synchronous locator for your RTK tower network.

Just like the Location map function, users can tap on the various RTK towers to access all the information needed to connect. Your RTK Tower Network information is controlled from your online dealer web portal, and can be changed at any time.

Promotions page

With the application you can upload your own unique store specials, increasing customer engagement by giving the customer a reason to check back with your app regularly.

Exactly like news and RTK tower information, your promotions are completely controlled by you, and can be uploaded and edited at any time via your online dealer web portal. Promotions can be specified two ways:

1. Store Promotions

Your store promotions relate to general or specific sales and marketing campaigns that extend not only to John Deere equipment, but also to service and finance too. Store promotions are large, very visible, with the page itself being vertically scrollable. Once a user has scrolled up and down and found the promotion that interests them, tapping on it will take them to a detailed promotions page.

The promotion not only features a detailed image, description and price, it also gives your new customer the option to call or email directly from the promotion screen; a call to action that removes the barrier between the customer and fiddly contact forms.

2. Equipment Specials

Using the navigation bar the top of the screen, customers can switch between your generic store promotions, and sales on specific machinery. The equipment specials is a great way to highlight specific machinery, and isn’t limited to used equipment, but can also emphasize the features of new John Deere technology.

Much like the Store promotions page, the user simply scrolls through the page vertically and taps on the item that interests them, taking them to a detailed description page.

PDF Support Guides

Located in the Flyout menu of the application, the support guide section is stocked with PDF guides that can either come direct from the manufacturer, or specifically from your own dealership.

At the top of the page users can search for specific material, or scrolling vertically below the search box will enable customers to search manually. Updated versions of the app will feature a useful ‘Favorite’ system that allows users to come back multiple times and read the same information without having to search again. Favorited guides are always displayed on the top of the page, and can be unfavorited again by clicking the star icon on the right hand side of every box.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications allow you to send targeted, fully customizable direct messages to your audience via their iPhone, Android devices and tablets.

Notifications also work while the customer’s app is shut down, and each push you make from your online dealer portal automatically syncs with the notification center of your customer’s device.

This means you can keep your customers up to date with timely, relevant content direct from your dealership.



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