Customer account types

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Customer account types
  • Upgrading customers from demo to paid users
  • Setting up new customers


Your customer’s grower accounts are designed specifically to maximize the potential on every acre of their farm. Each grower is different; farm size, geographical location and access to equipment means that your grower accounts need to be as varied as they are.

To accommodate this variance, your customer’s accounts are divided into three distinct types:


PRIME is an entry level FREE subscription that introduces growers to the benefits of AgDNA. PRIME subscriptions offer growers OEM integration as well as a range of useful tools that will help unlock the potential of their growing operation.


PRO is a flat-fee annual subscription that gives growers powerful FMS tools that allow them to manage their entire season from soil to silo. PRO accounts feature the following functionality:

Automated data sync for John Deere & CNH Equipment
Manual upload all major controller types
Manual upload NDVI / Drone / Aerial / Satellite imagery

Activity Recording (auto)
Crop Planning
Harvest Tracking
Work Orders

Equipment Tracking
AB Guidance Lines / Ditch Levee

Budgeting / Field Profitability

Product Database (10K+) with Labels / SDS

Report building
Machine exporting
Farm setup
Landlord / Crop Share / Business Entities


PRECISION is AgDNA’s per-acre subscription level and it features the platform’s most powerful precision ag tools. Included in the PRECISION subscription are all the features of PRO, plus:

Variable rate prescriptions (VRx)
Pixel Profit
Layer analyzer
Advanced spatial layers


Upgrading customer accounts

How to upgrade customers from Demo users to paid Precision or Precision Plus users:

1.  When a Demo account has been active for 20 days you’ll receive a message via the top message toolbar (on the MyFarm map screen) informing you it will soon expire. To see the status of this account click on View Accounts in the message toolbar. Alternatively you can access this page by hitting the View Customers option under the Customers heading in the Dealer Dropdown menu

2.  This opens the Customers homepage, where you can add new customers and edit existing customers. Expired accounts are marked in red as Demo Expired

3.  Selecting a customer allows you to edit their information. To convert an expired account to a Precision or Precision Plus customer, flick the Demo switch from YES to NO. This will prompt you that you are converting your customer from a trial account to a paid subscriber. Click Ok. This will give you a new set of customer options. Set their Subscription status as either Precision or Precision Plus and hit Save


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