Adding new customers

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • How to add a new customer account
  • Uploading RCD and SHP data
  • Using the customer wizard

The Customer Wizard

The online dealer portal allows you to setup new users, connect information with existing users, import data and much more. To get started, the next section provides a guide on how to create a new customer account in your portal.

1.  Hit the Dealer dropdown menu and select the Customer Wizard on the upper right hand side of the user portal

2.  Select the New Customer button from the two options. You can use the Customer Wizard to come back and edit existing customer data at any time by using the Edit Customer button

3.  Enter the customer’s details, including the password for their account. This can be changed by the customer at a later date

4.  At this step in the wizard you can add any pre-existing boundaries, vehicle information or farm data to the customer’s account with either a John Deere RCD zip file. Select the type of file you want to upload and hit the Yes, Select file button. Use the tab to select the type of file you wish to upload. If the customer is a Case IH user, select Next

5.  Select the items to be imported

6.  Process the data

7.  The next step connects John Deere customers to their online account. Press Send Invite and your Online Dealer Portal will automatically begin the process of authorizing  the connection with John Deere. At this time the customer will receive an acceptance link, generated by John Deere, in their email inbox. Once the user clicks the link and confirms, the connection is complete.

For Case IH, New Holland or non-John Deere customers, select Next.

* Note - The customer email required in this step doesn't need to be the email the customer uses to connect to with. Your portal simply communicates with John Deere and sends the customer an email with a invitation link. From here, the user simply logs into and accepts the invitation in the associated popup window.

For this reason, if a customer provides you with their login details, it's possible for you, the dealer, to send the invitation to your own email address and accept the invitation on their behalf, speeding up the process.

8.  The final step is for Case IH OEM users to connect their AgDNA account with Case IH online profile. To do so, select the Link Account button. This automatically begins the process of connecting the new AgDNA account with the online Case IH profile. To complete the connection, enter customer's login information using the window provided and follow the Case IH prompts.

* Note - If the Case IH window does not appear, open the popup settings in your browser to make sure that popups are not being blocked for the AgDNA website.

9.  Congratulations, you’ve now added a new customer. You can view and edit customer data at any time by either using the Customer Wizard, or the View Customers page located in your Dealer Dropdown panel


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