Add controls

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Adding information to your farm
  • Basic setup controls
  • Completing your farm setup

The Add Control Center

In your AgDNA online account, the Add Control Center is the centralized hub that allows you to add additional information to your farm. Split into two section, Add Work and Setup, the Add Control Center facilitates both the setup of your farm and the additional ongoing seasonal tasks throughout the year.

Add Work

The left hand side of the page is dedicated to creating activities and generating additional tasks. The following tasks can be activated from the Add Work menu:

- Manual activities and activity templates
- Scouting observations
- Harvest delivery tracking
- VRx generation
- RCD, SHP and EM file uploads
- Management Zone uploads


The right hand side of the Add Control Center is dedicated to the tools that allow you to set up the day to day operations of your farm. The Setup menu allows you to create:

- New clients
- Field boundaries
- Equipment records
- Implements
- Product records
- New product records from the global dealer database
- Suppliers
- Purchases
- Field connect devices
- Pivots
- Ab Guidance Lines
- Flags
- Buildings
- Operators and other assorted business entities


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