Management Zones

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Creating management zones
  • Activity layers
  • Generating Prescriptions

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating management zones for use in generating variable rate prescriptions.

Generating a management zone

Management zones can be uploaded to your online farm or created fresh from existing soil or activity layers.

To create a management zone:

1.  Hit the Add button, represented as the plus symbol (+) located on the horizontal MyFarm nav menu. Select the Management Zones option under the Add Work menu

2.  Choose whether to upload a pre-existing management zone via RCD/SHP, choose to create a new zone from an existing layer, or draw the exterior boundaries of your new Management Zone using AgDNA's pinpoint draw tool. In this instance, we’ll select Create Zone from Layer

3.  We have an existing Zone Group, so we'll be assigning this new Management Zone to a set of NDVI zones we've created previously. If you have no existing zone groups or want to create another, use the blank Create new group field to type in the name of your new zone group. The Method and Detail options allow users to specify the level of detail and the number of zones generated by the Management Zone creator tool. It's recommended to leave the Method as Auto and the Detail option as High.

Next, select the Layer(s) button on the bottom of the window.

4.  Select the layer(s) you want to use as the base for your new Management Zone. You can use the Field, Activity Type, Season and Crop filter tools to drill down and search for a specific activity layer that suits the requirements of your new zone. Once filtered, select a zone, or multiple zones and select the green Ok button of the bottom of the window.

This will take you back to the previous window. Select the Finish button to begin auto generating the zone.

Now your Management Zone is ready to be generated into a variable rate prescription.

Viewing Management Zones and Zone Groups

Your newly created zone is viewable and editable via the Zones tab in your Setup menu.