Guidance Lines

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Creating guidance lines in your portal
  • Viewing and editing lines
  • Uploading existing guidance lines
  • Exporting AB Guidance

How to set up a new A-B line using the portal

1.  On the horizontal navigation bar, hit the Add button (+)

2.  This will bring up the Add Menu. From here select the AB Guide option on the right hand side of the page, under the Setup heading

3.  This will bring open up a new AB Guidance record. Fill in the required information. If you don’t have Latitude, Longitude or Heading information available, it’s possible to automatically generate this data by drawing a new line

4.  To draw a new guidance line, hit the Draw Guide button

5.  Using the interactive map provided, plot the two points on the map and hit Done to finish. This will automatically generate the required map location data. Once your guide is complete, hit Save.

How to view and edit existing A-B lines

You can view A-B Guidance lines on your MyFarm map at any time by toggling the AB Guides filter option in the Layers dropdown, located on the horizontal navigation bar.

To edit existing lines, click on the Setup button and select the Resources tab. Here you’ll find a submenu called AB Guides, which lists all the guidance lines saved to your farm. To edit a record, simply click on any of the guidance lines in the list.

How to upload a guidance line

Alternatively, instead of creating your own guidance data from your portal, you can upload existing guidance lines direct from your machine.

Your portal can identify and process guidance lines within RCD files or other machine files.  To upload guidance lines, hit the Add Button (+) and use the Upload RCD function

Exporting guidance lines

Guidance lines on your online dealer portal can be exported to in-field equipment 2 ways. To begin exporting guidance lines open the Export function via the MyFarm map screen.

The Export function allows you to download farm data in a zip hard copy format, or by sending the data to a machine directly via your OEM connection. Choose the method of delivery and click next.

You can organize data transfers and create a profile name for the operation, this makes it easier to send the correct data for future transfers. After you've created or selected a profile, edit the information you want included in your transfer. Information that can be exported includes:

  • Guidance lines
  • Equipment information
  • Field boundaries
  • Prescriptions

To export machine guidance lines, make sure the Include AB Guidance tab is selected, click next, and follow the prompts.



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