Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • What happens when you click on a field
  • Accessing field specific data
  • Weather
  • Field financials

Field Specific Information

Your portal is designed to be an intuitive tool with a powerful point-and-click interface, so accessing field specific data, such as weather, rainfall, and field financials is simply a matter of clicking on a field and accessing data through the Field Overlay screen.

To start viewing field data click on the desired field on your MyFarm map screen.

This initiates the Field Overlay, a simple screen that gives you the basic rundown on the conditions of the currently selected field. Graphs, financial data and complex information can be access by hitting the Field Details icon located at the bottom of the overlay window.

Using the menu on the left hand side of your screen, you can now select the various analytical datasets attributed to your selected field. Each category contains important information about the selected topic and where possible contains relevant graphs for insights.

Information accessible via the Field Overlay:

  • Basic field details (Ownership, size)
  • Crops and projected yield
  • Projected field revenue
  • Soil composition
  • Weather
  • Rainfall charts
  • Scouting observations
  • Recorded activities
  • Product inputs
  • Harvest deliveries

The Field Overlay screen reads data directly from your automated farm info database and other dynamic weather services - the more you put in, the more you get out.


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