Common Land Units

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • How to view CLU boundaries
  • Managing boundaries

Viewing CLU boundaries

1.  Load the client and farm data you wish to view

2.  Click on the Layers icon on the horizontal MyFarm navbar

3.  Under the Field Layers directory, select Show all Common Land Units

Now growers have the power to easily create crop insurance reports matched to CLU boundaries, plus when viewing CLU's in conjunction with AgDNA's reporting tools, you can now use the integrated spatial data to report on irrigated versus non irrigated fields along with different crop types all at the press of a button.

Managing Common Land Units

The Setup page allows you to manage the CLU boundaries associated with your farm, including boundaries registered with FSN's and those without. To access and edit CLU information:

1. Click on the Setup icon, located on the Horizontal Nav bar on the Myfarm map screen

2. Under the Enterprise tab, select the CLU sub-category

3. CLU boundaries are displayed here. Click on an entry to edit its information


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