Adding an activity

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Adding in manual activity records
  • Managing activities in the dealer app

There are two types of farm activity that can logged and saved in your online farm: Automatically generated machine data and Manual Activity Records.

If you have your account linked to you’ll notice machine generated activity data will be automatically saved against a field. This is because your online farm account regularly pulls data from your or Case IH account and assigns it to fields using Geo-Spatial GPS technology.

Of course you can still add in activities manually from both your online user account and your mobile app.

To add a Manual Activity using your online account

1.  Click the Add Button (+) located on the far right of the Horizontal Navigational Toolbar

2.  Under the Add Work column, select Activity

3.  Fill out all the information required on the Field Activity Record screen, and click Save

To add a Manual Activity using your mobile app

1.  Make sure you are logged into your online account

2.  Select the MyFarm icon either on the default landing screen or from the left hand side app menu

3.  While in the MyFarm screen, select the plus icon (+) located at the top right of your screen and begin filling out the required activity information

4.  Once you have finished click Save, located on the top right of the Manual Record screen. This manual activity will now be saved to your online account

5. You can also add an activity using the Add Icon (+) from the History Page, accessible from the left hand side mobile menu on the landing page

Inputting data

The Activity Record page is divided into several dynamic sections, that automatically update depending on the activity type selected in the Activity section of the page:

This section of the page sets the geographical coordinates of the workable area. To leave the exterior field boundaries as the extent of the activity area, simply leave the Location section blank. This will automatically default the workable area to the exterior field boundary. Alternatively, users can draw the workable area by selecting the blue Draw Worked Area button and using AgDNA's PinPoint Draw tool.

Here you can define the basic elements of the manual activity: Activity type, job status, scheduled dates, completion times and workable hours.

Linked to your product database, located in the Setup section of your account, this section manages the type and the associated cost of activity inputs.

If the activity type is set to Harvesting, the Inputs section is replaced with the Crop selector tool. This section of the page allows you to manage the specific crop information for your harvest activity.

Activity Costs
Use this section to manually record expense information directly against this activity.

Assign the activity to one of your existing machines and specify the operator and implement type used.

Add additional comments to your activity here.


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