Activity templates and plans

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Seasonal activity plans
  • Manual activities
  • The Add menu

Activity templates and Plans allow you to generate unique templatea for any activity type and replicate it during the season. The templates section of your Add Menu is split into two functions:

Activity Templates
This function opens up an activity input window that allows you to generate a basic template. Once you’ve filled out the required fields and hit the green Save button, the activity template will be available to you the next time you add a manual activity.

Once created, Activity Templates can be viewed and edited via the Setup Menu. 

Activity Plans
Taking the template concept further, Activity Plans allow you to generate specific seeding, application and harvesting plans over an entire season, with the added ability of being able to carry over previous plans to future seasons.

To generate an Activity Plan:

1.  Select the Add Menu from the Horizontal MyFarm Navbar.

2.  Select the Activity Plan option from the Templates section of the Add Menu.

3.  First, choose the season you want to create a plan for, then select any previous season as a template.

4.  Select a crop type, choose a plan name and select the Load button.

5.  This begins the seasonal plan wizard by generating a seeding activity. You can add additional varieties to your seeding plan or move on to the next segment of the wizard. To begin adding product inputs to your plan, select the blue Load Fertilizers and Chemicals button.

6.  Use the Add button to select both Fertilizer and Chemical inputs.

7.  To finish your Activity Plan, select a variety from the Harvesting window, choose a selected expected harvest date and then hit Save and Apply.

This will generate your new Activity Plan. Activity Plans can be viewed and edited via the Setup Menu.