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Your fields don't lie - Automated NDVI on AgDNA

Your fields don't lie - Automated NDVI on AgDNA

For PRECISION account holders, AgDNA’s Automated NDVI functionality is standard as part of their pre-acre subscription services.

But what makes AgDNA’s NDVI services different from the rest? By integrating directly into the Sentinel II satellite network, farmers like yourself no longer need to rely on manual uploads, costly software installation or expensive GeoTIFF images from third party satellite providers.

You see it’s completely automated and delivers new satellite imagery to your farm every 10 days, boosting your ROI and maximizing your entire season for only a few dollars per acre.

The benefit of integrating Sentinel II imagery into your AgDNA account is that it can be used spatially much like any other data layer, forming the backbone of activity planning, zone management and generating variable rate prescriptions.

Using NDVI is incredibly easy and is controlled using the Crop Health tab located on the left hand side of your MyFarm map screen.

The Crop Health Tab

Located on the left hand side of your MyFarm map screen, the Crop Health tab is the location in your online portal to begin accessing your NDVI imagery. To browse automated satellite imagery:

1.  First select the desired client, farm and season from the top navigational toolbar
2.  Select the Crop Health tab from the left hand side of your MyFarm map screen

3.  Use the Crop Health scrolling tool to select the set of satellite images you want to display on your map

4.  Once you have found the layer you want, select it

Satellite image sets are displayed in your online portal the same as activity and zone layers; this is so your NDVI experience is as intuitive as possible.

The Crop Health scroll bar also gives you a number of options and icons:

A.  The Fields indicator tells you how many fields on your farm have clear satellite imagery available on this particular date
B.  The Cloud Cover icon indicates the level of cloud cover over your farm at the time and the percentage of your fields covered in cloud and shadow
C.  The Type dropdown allows you to toggle maps views between NDVI, NDVI detailed and True Color/photo mode
D.  Sort By allows you to filter the layers and sort their order by date or crop health averages
E.  The Avg indicator tells you average crop health index rating of your farm at the time of this satellite snapshot
F.  Show Fields opens the individual field layers associated with this satellite image set

Once you are in the Show Fields section, you can interact with individual NDVI field layers and access the standard layer tools such as PDF Reports and switching to a more detailed field view.

To navigate back to the main satellite Crop Health tool, select the blue Crop Health text at the top of the tab.

Generating Prescriptions

With access to your NDVI field layers, you can now start using them to generate variable rate prescriptions. To start generating NDVI VRx:

1.  Navigate to the Crop Health tab, located on the left hand side of your main MyFarm map screen
2.  Select a satellite image set you wish to use during the selected date range
3.  Select Show Fields
4.  Select the desired fields to generate your prescriptions from and select the Create Zone(s) button at the bottom of the Crop health tab

5.  This will open the VRx generator and begin the process to generate zones using the selected layers as a template

Accessing NDVI in Field View

Individual NDVI layers can also be accessed via the Field View tab too:

1.  Select the Field View tab on the left hand side of the MyFarm map screen
2.  Use the map screen to select the desired field
3.  This will open the activity and spatial layers for your field. Use the scrollbar to scroll to the bottom of the window and select the highlighted Layers link under the Crop Health section

4.  Select a layer to view it on your MyFarm map screen

It is through innovations like automated NDVI that you can you’ll be able to begin maximizing your farm’s efficiency to its fullest extent. If you have any questions regarding crop health, securing a free demonstration or upgrading your PRO account to a PRECISION account, contact your local authorized AgDNA dealer partner now.