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What’s New on AgDNA November 2016 – Equipment, Implement Offsets and Flags

What’s New on AgDNA November 2016 – Equipment, Implement Offsets and Flags

Using your online Dealer Portal, it’s now even easier to access real-time equipment information directly from your MyFarm map screen.

View vehicle alerts, fuel levels, machine metrics and implement offsets directly from your online account.

Extensive machine integration

Now you can turn equipment location on and off from the MyFarm map screen by using the all new Equipment icon, located on the MyFarm horizontal toolbar. To view equipment and their information, press the Vehicle icon and select any machines located on your MyFarm map screen.

Track fuel levels, fuel consumption and speed from the all new vehicle hover, or select the Details icon to view machine alerts and machine metrics from the detailed Vehicle Overlay display.

Now you can also toggle the left hand details tab for an overview of all your equipment to view their operating status at a glance, or for quick comparisons.

Implement Offsets

Easily manage implement offsets for your equipment directly from your online dealer account and export them wirelessly to machines in-field.

Vehicle and implement records in AgDNA can now record Implement Offsets – to view or edit offsets, simply open a vehicle or implement record and edit the information under the Implement Offsets heading.

Now when you export equipment information as RCD’s offsets are also included, making sure your vehicles in the field are up to date and operating at peak efficiency.


More than just a scouting observation, Flags give users the ability to highlight entire areas of their fields for review or analysis, or to mark areas of a field that are of special interest for equipment and implements.

You can create Flags at any time by selecting the option from the Add Menu, located on the MyFarm horizontal toolbar.

Choose the kind of Flag you want to mark on your map, and select the Draw function to begin highlighting the desired map area.

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