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What's New on AgDNA, Jan 2017 - More activity tools, extra product features and more

What's New on AgDNA, Jan 2017 - More activity tools, extra product features and more

Making life easier for farmers and dealers is a core feature of AgDNA’s versatility. In 2017 we’re busy building a wave of new features and updates that will streamline the way you and your customers manage activities, automated insights and financials.

Here is what we’ve added to your dealer portal so far in 2017.

Activity Templates

With activity templates you never have to enter repeated activities more than once. They're a great way to set up bulk activities at the start of the year and also an effective way of formulating an efficient precision action plan for the upcoming season. From the Add menu select the template creator to generate a regular activity.

To select an activity template use the Template dropdown when creating a new activity record. No more wasted admin.

Activity draw tool

Now you can assign manual activities to specific regions of your fields with the Activity Draw Tool. The tool allows you to create manual activity boundaries in your existing fields, making sure you and your customers have an accurate record of not only what was applied, but also the specific geo-location of where the activity took place in relation to your farm. You can find the Activity Draw Tool under the Location section of a new activity record. Under Location, hit the Draw button and follow the prompts to manually begin plotting out the boundaries of your activity.

Retiring Products

It’s not uncommon during the course of the growing season for products to become obsolete or unavailable - in these instances the ability to retire products from your customer product database becomes an important way of managing your inventory effectively. Now you can retire products from your inventory list and eliminate any oversight. To retire products, select Products from the Products menu (located on the Setup page) you want to retire and hit the Retire Products button, located at the bottom of the page.

Deleting automated activity records

Now you can delete old or obsolete automated activity records via the Details tab – simply select a field and set the correct year from the season tab, located at the top of the MyFarm map screen. Hitting the details tab will bring up any automated activity records automatically collected from your in-field equipment via your OEM connection. To delete activity records, hit the More button [...] and select Delete.

We'd love to hear your thoughts: if you have any questions or improvements to your Precision Dealer Platform, contact us at any time.