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What’s new on AgDNA – Irrigated vs Non Irrigated Fields

What’s new on AgDNA – Irrigated vs Non Irrigated Fields

AgDNA has been busy introducing a flurry of new filters for our online user accounts; responding to the demands from the agricultural community, this week AgDNA announces the release of the new Irrigation Filter tool.

On your MyFarm map screen, quickly and easily identify which of your fields are irrigated using the new Field Irrigation tool located in the Layers dropdown of your MyFarm Navigational Toolbar. Simply hit the Layers button and select ‘Field Irrigation’.

Alternatively color-code your map screen by Irrigated/Non-Irrigated fields by selecting the Irrigation function in your Crop Type dropdown bar at the top of your MyFarm map screen. The Irrigation tool is located on the bottom of the dropdown.

The new Irrigation Filter Tool will make your AgDNA experience easier, plus it’s a welcome addition to your comprehensive field reporting tools.