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What's New on AgDNA, April 2017 - Financials permissions, 2600 Display compatibility and VRx Prescriptions

What's New on AgDNA, April 2017 - Financials permissions, 2600 Display compatibility and VRx Prescriptions

We’ve made some updates to the AgDNA Platform that will improve your farm management services and increase customer value:

  • An all new zone management tools and VRx prescriptions
  • Support for GS2 2600 Display and APEX compatibility 
  • New permission settings for customer financials, and
  • Ditch track and levee track surface water management

Generate variable rate prescriptions with lightning speed

AgDNA’s VRx prescription builder and management zone tools are quick and easy to use.  The new step-by-step tools walk you through the process of creating management zones and generating variable rate prescriptions.

Here’s how they work in 3 easy steps:

1.  Press the Add Button (+) on your MyFarm map screen and select the Management Zone option. You can upload a management zone using a pre-existing shape file or create a new one from scratch. Zones can be created from a yield map, soil layer or other activity layer that’s attached to your field. In this instance we’ll create a new one by selecting the Create zone from layer button.

2.  Create a new zone group name and click next. Then simply select the field, farm and season to search for layers to generate your zone layer. Once you’ve selected a layer, click finish and the data is processed and the zone is ready to be used in your prescription

3.  Now you’ve got your management zone layer, press the Add button again, click Prescriptions and the VRx wizard will walk you through the process of generating your variable rate prescription and saving it to the grower's MyFarm account.

Prescriptions can be exported directly to in-field equipment or downloaded as an RCD or shape file from your dealer portal.

To learn more go to Management Zones and Variable Rate Prescriptions here.

Permission settings for customer financials

Your customer’s financial statements are now marked as private with AgDNA’s new Financial Permission settings.

Now only the grower can grant your staff members access to their financial records.  If you require access and the grower is unable to update this setting then contact your Key Account Manager so AgDNA can help.

With your dealer account you can request permission to view their financial data either by visiting their Financial page for the first time, or by using the Permission Request tool in the setup page. You can find more information about requesting permission here from our Financials tutorial page.

Ditch Track and Levee Track support


By putting all of your grower's farm data in one place, AgDNA’s MyFarm map system creates the most accurate and comprehensive cloud-based solution available.

We’ve gone one step further and added surface water ditch track and levee track support into your MyFarm suite of tools.

Now you can import and export ditch/levee data to and from your grower's online account.  AgDNA also allows you to draw ditch and levee lines across fields and export them along with A-B Guidance lines wirelessly to in-field equipment.

Alongside a host of other MyFarm map tools, surface water management is just another feather in the cap that makes AgDNA the most comprehensive farm management platform available. 

Gen4 4600 data, GS2 2600 display compatibility, APEX management and more

Our latest update now makes AgDNA fully compatible with GEN4 4600 CommandCenter files, GS2 2600 in-cab display units and provides extra support for APEX users.

We’ve also added additional features such as:

  • Linking A-B Guidance lines over multiple fields
  • Improved cloud processing speeds, and
  • Additional user interface improvements

We’d love to hear from you. If you’re a grower and looking to know more about the AgDNA platform, head on over to our Dealer partners page and find your local authorized AgDNA specialist dealer. If you’re a large ag equipment dealer, visit our Dealer Resource Center to find out how AgDNA can increase the value of your precision ag services.