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What you can expect from your portal in 2017

What you can expect from your portal in 2017

Over the course of the growing season you’ll see some big changes on your precision portals and apps, so as a guide we’ve thrown together this quick rundown of what you can expect from your AgDNA Precision Platform in 2017.

  • Pixel Profit and optional precision modules
  • A new Precision app
  • Greater processing power
  • Dashboards and metrics
  • Even more support

Pixel Profit

Soon AgDNA will be launching additional precision modules that you can use to expand your precision ag services. Additional precision modules are a great way of selecting the tools that are important for your operation and soon you’ll be able to add, edit and delete additional features from your online account.

Pixel Profit is the first optional module we’ll be launching in 2017 - Pixel Profit is the ultimate field analysis tool for maximizing profitability on every acre. AgDNA’s exclusive solution analyzes income and expense data for your fields, and breaks down your farm into critical profit and loss management zones. See precisely what parts of the fields are performing well and make informed management decisions on how to address underperforming regions.

iOS and Android Precision apps 2.0

Your Precision apps are evolving – Version 2.0 of your iOS and Android Precision apps will feature greater layer processing, an all new user interface, an interactive dashboard with unique user generated updates and even more field metrics.

The Precision App 2.0 will soon become the most powerful mobile precision ag management interface on the market today. Learn more about your precision apps at our technical support page - Dealer App Overview Tutorial

Powerful Processing

Your farm thrives on quick and powerful data processing and we’ve been working on all new methods of delivery faster and more efficient layer processing to your farming operation. With an all new point-and-click interface, layer processing will be faster and easier than ever before.

Dashboard and Metrics

Get daily real-time metrics directly from your growing operation without searching, collating or sorting your online farm data. The all new AgDNA Metrics dashboard tells you everything you need to know about your farm at a single glance. Modular in design, your dashboard will be fully customizable to the specific requirements of your localized growing operation.

An even bigger knowledge base

Setup is about to become even easier.

In an effort to get users and staff on their feet quickly and using the platform with lightning speed, AgDNA is expanding our support services to include all new user tutorials, interactive setup wizards and a step-by-step introductory program that will walk new users through the features of the platform.

We’d love to hear from you – If you’re a grower and looking to know more about the AgDNA platform, head on over to our Dealer partners page and find your local authorized AgDNA specialist dealer. If you’re a large ag equipment dealer, visit our Dealer Resource Center to find out how AgDNA can increase the value of your precision ag services.