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What is the AgDNA FMS?

For years AgDNA has provided Farm Management Software (FMS) support to farmers across the world, giving growers access to low-cost subscription based precision ag tools that help them reduce their ROI, prioritize input usage and maximize every acre.

At the center of it all is the AgDNA FMS – a multi-use precision ag software platform that simplifies a farmer’s season by condensing up to seven different software packages into a single solution.

Here’s how it works:

Automatically sync your activity data

The AgDNA FMS is driven by automation and it all begins with a one off sync with your existing farm data. With the push of a button instantly connect the AgDNA FMS with your AFS Connect, PLM Connect or John Deere Operations Center account. Don’t have any of these? No problem, the AgDNA FMS is fully compatible with over 100+ controller types. Simply upload your farm data and you’re away!

Now your data is synced, all of your field boundaries, activity data and machine metrics are ready to be maximized for the season to come.


Future-proof your investment and know the breakeven point of every field with AgDNA’s Pixel Profit™ profit and loss field analyzer. Pixel Profit uses your machine data, agronomic information, product purchases, harvest records and more to automatically map your field's profitability on every acre.

Automated crop health imagery

Only on the AgDNA FMS will you find the latest Automated NDVI Crop Health Toolkit with advanced cloud detection. The AgDNA FMS is integrated with the Sentinel advanced mapping satellite network, so it delivers you a steady stream of NDVI imaging at the push of a single button with no manual input required.

By integrating NDVI into your management strategy, your new imagery can be used to easily create management zones and variable rate prescriptions to ensure the optimal amount of chemical, fertilizer or growth regulator is applied depending on the health and stage of the crop.

Field Management

Get the ultimate view of your farm. Using AgDNA’s MyFarm map system, all of your field boundaries, activities, topography and analytics are converted into useful map layers.

Generate reports, receive weather updates and scout yield limiting factors in your fields before they spread.

Inventory and inputs

The AgDNA FMS turns your in-field machinery into automated bookkeepers, automatically tracking inventory numbers, input costs and fuel usage with every pass through a field. With automated inventory management, reporting is accurate, costs are down and ROI has been maximized.

Harvest Tracking

AgDNA’s Harvest Tracking tools empower drivers and contractors with the ability to capture delivery records with vital weight/location/time information on-the-spot via their mobile devices and upload a photo of the scale ticket directly to the grower’s cloud based online account.

This means growers can track deliveries of their crops in real-time, eliminating lost deliveries and inaccurate yield financial reporting.

Download the case study and see how one grower used AgDNA's Harvest Tracking feature to track down a $6,000 missing crop load.

So much more

Reporting tools, cost analysis, benchmarking and machine management are just some of the other tools that are also part of the AgDNA FMS.

The AgDNA FMS is available right now from authorized Case IH and John Deere dealers in your area. To find your local distributor, visit our dealer network website at https://agdna.com/dealer/find