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What AgDNA has brought you in 2016

What AgDNA has brought you in 2016

It’s been a great year and AgDNA wants to say thank you to all of our dealer partners for helping us create all new intelligent precision ag features via your input and support.

With AgDNA in the field, we’ve helped dealers raise yields for their customers and reduce cost of their 2016 growing season.

Looking back over the year, here are just some of the precision ag features we’ve implemented and some of the achievements that we’ve been able to reach in 2016:

Wirelessly upload equipment setup files
Send RCD and other setup files directly from your dealer portal to in-field equipment wirelessly. Transfer Ab Guide lines, variable rate prescriptions, implement offsets and more.

Automated inventory management
With the implementation of our advanced equipment integration features, in-field equipment can now automatically adjust inventory levels and cost on each pass through the field.

Customizable products input database
A dealer controlled product database that can generate localized inventory lists, create unique product blends and save hours of manual loading by importing specialized items.

Field level profitability reports
Access field and equipment specific data directly from your personalized MyFarm map screen. Simply click on a field for access to weather, financials and spatial data instantly.

Integrated weather, soil and CLU's
AgDNA's MyFarm map screen seamlessly ties together weather overlays, soil composition reports and Common Land Unit information into a single easily navigable workspace. Compile weather, EPA reports and FSA accountability reports together with the click of a single button.

So again, thanks from AgDNA. We look forward to delivering even more value to your dealership with precision ag features such as processing data from third party controllers. The full list of new features will be outlined early in the new year.

We'd love to hear your thoughts: if you have any questions or improvements to your Precision Dealer Platform, contact us at any time.