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Upgradable Modules – Visualize finances with Pixel Profit

Upgradable Modules – Visualize finances with Pixel Profit

Soon you’ll have the ability to customize your online portal with a range of upgradable precision modules.

AgDNA's latest precision modules gives growers the power to customize their online farm with intelligent ag-features that are specifically suited to their localized growing operation. The first of these innovations is Pixel Profit; a color-coded visual representation of profit on every field of your farm.

Field Profitability simplified

By combining yield data with the contract sale price of each commodity, AgDNA can produce an extensive record of net profitability on every acre. Combined with the day-to-day operating expenses (either collected manually or automatically via the IoT), AgDNA’s Pixel Profit solution automatically generates a visual income map that highlights the profit and loss of every acre across their farm.

With segments categorized in terms of Poor, Average and High, Pixel Profit is a point-and-click data map that gives growers an overview of profit limiting factors and what actions they need to take to optimize the profitability for that part of the field.

Learn more about upcoming modules

We’d love to hear from you – If you’re a grower and looking to know more about the AgDNA platform, head on over to our Dealer partners page and find your local authorized AgDNA specialist dealer. If you’re a large ag equipment dealer, visit our Dealer Resource Center to find out how AgDNA can increase the value of your precision ag services.