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The Precision Dealer App: Version 2.0 – An all new dashboard, radar and more

The Precision Dealer App: Version 2.0 – An all new dashboard, radar and more

We’ve made some innovative new upgrades to your dealer app that will put more of AgDNA’s powerful Precision Portal features directly into grower’s hands.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0 of your dealer precision app:

  • An all new Dashboard feature that provides growers with relevant farm analytics instantly at the push of a button
  • Rainfall radar maps and all new field analytics tools that mirror your precision dealer portal
  • Demo account expiration accountability and functionality changes
  • New user interface options

Version 2.0 represents a new phase in the dealer app’s precision ag capabilities and is a turning point in the level of automation and analytical integration growers will have access to in further upgrades.

Our aim is to turn mobile devices into powerful in-field precision farm management machines and the most recent upgrade to the Precision Dealer App is the foundation that our new innovative mobile functionality will be built upon.

The Daily Dashboard

The all-new Daily Dashboard will soon become the center point in a grower’s everyday mobile routine – Currently basic functionality allows farmers to check the current outlook of scheduled tasks, rainfall information and the status of open ended scouting issues.

In an update coming very soon the Dashboard will evolve into a collection of automatically generated crop analytics, including commodity prices, harvest status, bushel counts, fuel maps and field observation tools. 

In essence the Precision Dealer App will evolve into a powerful mobile command center that processes unique IoT generated agronomics and empowers farmers with the ability to make critical decisions on them while they manoeuvre throughout the field in real-time.

Rainfall Radar and weather

We’re integrating more of our innovative weather functionality from the Precision Dealer Portal and putting it into the Precision Dealer App – Rainfall Radar is just the first step in bridging the gap between growers and weather. 

The Precision App is unique. Our latest app update makes weather more relevant to individual fields and particular segments of a grower’s farm.

More than just a rainfall radar system, the all new Precision Dealer App groups together field condition information and cleverly presents it throughout the app so a farmer is always only one touch away from critical decision making analytics.

With Growing Degree days, rainfall data, soil types and upcoming additions such as NDVI imagery the AgDNA Precision Dealer App will soon become unequalled in its precision farming supportability.

Demo account expiration

Our latest portal upgrade has now been integrated into the Precision Dealer App.

Demo accounts allow growers to experience the full functionality of a dealer’s portal and app without the financial commitment of Precision users. After 30 days Demo accounts expire and the user is limited to basic viewing functionality without the subscription benefits of uploading and editing data.

Our latest update integrates this limited functionality into the app and MyFarm capabilities are restricted for users with expired accounts. Of course a dealer’s news, promotions and marketing capabilities are still available to the account holder.

New user interface options

MyFarm users will also notice some new options and interface upgrades appearing throughout their online farm. Fields now contain more information, scouting records have been upgraded and loading times have been reduced.

The Precision Dealer App version 2.0 is just the beginning. Soon we’ll be releasing more updates that will integrate even more of your in-field equipment data into your mobile farm and even more field specific information will become available through NDVI satellite data and additional supported file types.

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