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The AgDNA free apps are shutting down - here's what you need to know

The AgDNA free apps are shutting down - here's what you need to know

On December 31, 2021 the AgDNA free precision ag services known as both “AgDNA” and “AgDNA PRIME” will cease operations.

It has been an incredible journey over the last 7 years and we hope that your time spent with AgDNA has been both ROI boosting for your agribusiness as well as enlightening, opening up new horizons on the benefits of digital precision agriculture.

To help step our customers through the end of AgDNA’s free services, we’ve put together a guide that answers the most frequently asked questions we’ve had on the subject. It doesn’t take long to read and by the end of it we hope you will have a better understanding of what services are ending, what happens to your digital information and what you can do to begin backing up your seasonal data.

What is being switched off?

AgDNA is ceasing operations for its free direct-to-grower services. This includes both the free AgDNA Apple and Android mobile app, as well as the AgDNA PRIME Apple and Android mobile app. On December 31, 2021 the following user privileges will be lost:

  • The AgDNA PRIME mobile app will be removed from the Apple and Google Play app stores and all future support for the apps will cease.
  • Access to your AgDNA and AgDNA PRIME customer account using your Apple or Android phone or tablet will cease.
  • Web access from agdna.com will cease and customers will no longer have access to their account via the agdna.com website.
  • Server space dedicated to hosting your farm data will be removed and your seasonal farm data will be removed.
  • Help and support services for the AgDNA and AgDNA PRIME products via agdna.com and AgDNA’s social media accounts will cease.

How can I save my data before it gets deleted on December 31, 2021?

Your activity and harvest tracking data can be exported from your AgDNA and AgDNA PRIME accounts using the agdna.com website.  Here is a step by step guide on how to begin exporting your data:

  1. Open the agdna.com website at https://agdna.com/
  2. Select the LOGIN button on the top right of the page. AgDNA PRIME users select the AgDNA Prime option, while old AgDNA accounts use the AgDNA Classic option. If you are unsure what option to pick, refer to the name of the app on your mobile device. If the app is listed as AgDNA PRIME, use the appropriate option on the agdna.com website. AgDNA app users select the AgDNA Classic option.
  3. Once you have used your user credentials to log in, select the Activity History button on the horizontal navbar.
  4. Select the Activities tab and then select the Export button on the bottom right of the window. This opens up the Export Wizard tool that will allow ou to save your Activity list as a CSV file.
  5. Once you have exported your activity history, select the Harvest Tracking tab and repeat the process.

Your seasonal activity lists and your harvest tracking records have now been exported to USB or hard disk. As a reminder it mighht also be worth making notes of other important information while you are logged into the agdna.com website.

What happens to my data once the AgDNA and AgDNA PRIME services end?

After December 31, 2021 access to your online data via the agdna.com website and your mobile app will cease. At this time your farm data will be deleted. As per AgDNA’s terms and conditions and our privacy policy, please take note of the following important information:

  • Your seasonal data, aka User Content, will be deleted. However AgDNA may retain copies if required for the purposes of backup, security, maintenance or if it is required by law.
  • Backups of your User Content will not be shared outside of AgDNA without your prior consent. Please refer to AgDNA’s terms and conditions for more information https://agdna.com/terms
  • Your registration information and personal information submitted to the AgDNA service, such as names and email addresses, will be deleted. However AgDNA may retain and use this information as necessary to comply to our legal obligations, aid in dispute resolutions and enforce our agreements and standards. For more information on the types of data that AgDNA collects and how it relates to your privacy, please read our privacy policy for more information at https://agdna.com/privacy

Thank you.

From all of us here at AgDNA we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help change the farming landscape over the past 7 years and we wish you all the best for the future and continued success. Thank you for making us part of your daily operation.