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AgDNA and Sentera announce new partnership to integrate data via the John Deere Operations Center.

AgDNA and Sentera announce new partnership to integrate data via the John Deere Operations Center.

This week AgDNA and Sentera have announced the launch of a new data partnership that will see both providers integrating services and sharing real-time precision ag farm data via the John Deere Operations Center. For growers, the new integration means delivery of even more high-precision real-time NDVI sensor data and in-field analytics.

Collating highly detailed sensor ag data from Sentera through the Operations Center, AgDNA customers have even more sources for data to start maximizing the potential on every acre of their farm. 

NDVI data as displayed in the AgDNA Precision Platform

The value of data integration

“Our goal at AgDNA is to help growers maximize profitability on every acre of their operation. By combining real-time sensor data from Sentera with in-field agronomic data from John Deere equipment, AgDNA is able to provide growers and their trusted advisors with a deeper understanding of crop performance throughout the season,” said Paul Turner, AgDNA CEO. “Today with Sentera, the AgDNA platform is harnessing the power of cloud computing and AI to share, analyze and transfer high-value agronomic insights to in-field equipment with ease to improve the grower’s bottom line.” 

Start integrating Sentera data into your AgDNA account today

More datasets, more connections and more hardware compatibility gives growers the freedom to customize their farm management strategies to suit their farm size and type. For Eric Taipale, CEO of Sentera, it’s this kind of constant innovation that has the most lasting positive effect throughout the season.

“Integration with AgDNA and the Operations Center lowers barriers to accessing high accuracy Sentera sensor data and analytics products, and provides better, faster inputs to the AgDNA product suite’s own data analysis engine. The result is greater productivity and more accurate prescriptions,” remarked Taipale. “Together with John Deere and AgDNA, we continue to help our customers drive value back into their operations and positively impact their ROI.” 

This latest ag-sharing technology is available now and may be accessed through any of one of the companies’ software platforms. Get started today!

AgDNA: https://agdna.com/dealer/find

Sentera AgVault: agvault.sentera.com

The John Deere Operations Center: www.myjohndeere.deere.com

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