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Reduce input costs with AgDNA's new interior field boundary functionality

Reduce input costs with AgDNA's new interior field boundary functionality

Our new interior boundary functionality is the next important step in maximizing the cost cutting potential of the platform. Now you can create passable and impassable sections of your fields that generate important cut off points for your in-field machinery. With interior boundaries you can control variable rates of equipment with incredible precision and maximize the financial potential of fields with total accuracy.

There are two ways to generate interior boundaries in your online portal: by creating buffer field holes around AB Guide lines (useful for pivot irrigation), or by generating passable and impassable holes within your exterior field boundaries.

Drawing interior boundaries within fields

Here's how to create passable and impassable boundaries via your AgDNA portal:

  • When creating a new field or editing an existing field, select either the Draw Passable Holes or Draw Impassable holes buttons under the Draw Holes section of the field record

  • Use the map tool provided to begin drawing the interior boundaries required. Passable holes are displayed in Blue, impassable holes are displayed in Red

  • You can select the Stop Drawing button at any time to deselect the map drawing tool and navigate the map for more precise drawing
  • Once you are finished drawing your boundaries, select the Done button

Your new interior boundaries are now saved to your online database, ready to be exported to directly to your in-field machinery wirelessly or via manual upload with the rest of your external field boundaries.

Creating field holes around AB Guide lines

You can now create significant buffer zones around AB Guide lines that serve as important shut off points for in-field equipment. To generate AB field holes:

  • Select the Setup icon, located on your horizontal MyFarm nav bar
  • Under the Resources main heading, select the AB Guide tab
  • Select an AB guide(s) to edit and select the Create Field Holes button
  • Edit your options and select the Save button

AgDNA's new interior field boundary functionality is available now on both PRO and PRECISION accounts.


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