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Activity Templates - Season planning tools that save time and money

Activity Templates - Season planning tools that save time and money

A great season starts with a great plan.

Now creating a plan has never been easier.  AgDNA reviews all your activities from the previous season and automatically creates suggested templates for all your seeding, application and harvest operations.  You can then use these, modify them or create new templates complete with budget information and apply them to multiple fields with the press of a button.

The AgDNA Platform not only gives you the tools to plan your seasonal activities, but also integrates with local product inventory lists and combines target rates and cost-per-acre estimates to generate accurate financial maps of the upcoming season.

Activity Templates

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a template
  • Select the fields for it to be applied to
  • Set time, cost etc and press save

That’s it. The activity, crop inputs, product rates and associated costs have now been assigned to the selected fields. In addition to this all of the inventory requirements and financial budgets have also been updated.  Now you can plan your entire farm in minutes.

Season Plans

Want even more power.  Create automated season plans based on real-world data from previous years.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select the prior year to build a plan from
  • Select a crop so the system can begin analysing the required data
  • Load the automated recommendations
  • Now edit the seeding, application and harvest details as needed
  • Save as a season plan and apply to desired fields

Now you have a full season Activity Template that can be applied to desired fields.  This full season plan saves hours of time consuming data entry as it will also update your inventory requirements and financial budgets.  No double entry of data!

Automated Financials

Your AgDNA portal also comes equipped with a powerful Product Database. The database allows you to create localized product lists for your farm that can automatically adjust inventory and input costs on every activity.

The AgDNA Platform is a powerful precision farming tool that schedules activities, calculates inventory requirements and builds your budget before the first piece of equipment even makes its first pass of a field.

The future of farming

AgDNA uses next generation technology to help automate data entry and simplify your farm management. If you’re interested in learning more about how the AgDNA Platform can increase the profitability of your farm then contact your nearest authorized AgDNA dealer today.