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Passable/Impassable Holes can change your entire season

Passable/Impassable Holes can change your entire season

Generating passable and impassable holes in your farm allows you to communicate to your in-field equipment that there are points in your fields that don’t require seed or inputs. Using these holes as automated shut-off zones, you could potentially save thousands in input costs throughout the season.

Your PRO or PRECISION accounts allow you to designate field holes via the Internal Boundaries tool, located on the Records page of any of your fields. Once you have created a field, uploaded a field via USB or synced a field across from your MyJohnDeere connection you can open it up and begin generating internal boundaries immediately. Here’s how:

1.  When creating a new field or editing an existing field, select either the Draw Passable Holes or Draw Impassable holes buttons under the Draw Holes section of the field record

2.  Use the map tool provided to begin drawing the interior boundaries required. Passable holes are displayed in Blue, impassable holes are displayed in Red

3.  You can select the Stop Drawing button at any time to deselect the map drawing tool and navigate the map for more precise drawing. Once you are finished drawing your boundaries, select the Done button

Your new interior boundaries are now saved to your online database, ready to be exported to directly to your in-field machinery wirelessly or via manual upload with the rest of your external field boundaries.

Your account also allows you to create significant buffer zones around AB/Vehicle Guidance lines and pivot irrigation tracks via the AB Guidance section in your Setup menu. By creating buffers around tracks and guidance lines you ensure that areas without growth won’t be seeded, watered or sprayed.

To do so:

1.  Select the Setup icon, located on your horizontal MyFarm nav bar

2.  Under the Resources main heading, select the AB Guide tab

3.  Select an AB guide(s) to edit and select the Create Field Holes button

4.  Edit your options and select the Save button

It is through innovations like Field Holes that you can you’ll be able to begin maximizing your farm’s efficiency to its fullest extent. If you have any questions regarding field holes, securing a free demonstration or upgrading your PRO account to a PRECISION account, contact your local authorized AgDNA dealer partner now.