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Observe, Report, Act: Why AgDNA’s scouting recommendation functionality is a win for famers.

Observe, Report, Act: Why AgDNA’s scouting recommendation functionality is a win for famers.

AgDNA isn’t limited by its scope; AgDNA’s Farm Management Software (FMS) is an all-in-one digital platform that incorporates farm activities, data analysis, insights, financials and inventory management into a single solution.

With our focus on managing crops from soil to silo, AgDNA has become one of the most innovative FMS providers in the world and was recently named one of the top 10 innovative ag trends in 2018.

Scouting: Observations

Imagine a scenario where a farmer identifies an issue in a patch of crop across multiple fields. Using the AgDNA Platform, the grower can both record and then catalogue the issue, in this case while walking the property the farmer has identified a large patch of Gray leaf spot among his corn crop.

Using the AgDNA mobile application the grower is able to photograph, catalogue and then record the issue on the spot. The FMS allows the grower to record the observation in great detail, including cataloguing its type, severity, emergence in the crop growth stage and geographical coordinates. In this instance, using the app the farmer has the added benefit of automatically logging his geographical location via the cloud when the issue is created.

Of course there are other ways AgDNA can help identify issues throughout the growing season: view NDVI crop health imagery with drone or satellite data, geo-spatially synced with your AgDNA MyFarm map. Read more about our NDVI integration here.

Scouting: Recommendations

Once the farmer has logged the issue within his AgDNA farm, it becomes an open case and is now ready for recommendations. Crop consultants, experts and licensed agronomists can link themselves to the farm and use the AgDNA FMS to create an action plan to resolve the issue.

This is the core of the platform's scouting functionality, its ability to be shared with licensed and authorized agronomists and for tanglible, real-life action plans to be generated and actioned within the FMS itself. In the case of our farmer, he has linked his account with the another account owned by a certified crop consultant and a Recommendation has been generated by the consultant and saved into the system. 

Scouting: Application

Once an action plan has been created, the grower can take the Scouting Recommendation and add it into his list of activities, to be synced to in-field equipment automatically via John Deere Operations Center or exported and manually uploaded. By creating a recommendation within AgDNA and syncing it with upcoming activities, the system can accurately log application costs, labour, fuel usage and inventory numbers automatically.

In this instance, using AgDNA our farmer has been able to identify his disease issue, allow crop consultants to create a recommendation for it and generate a fix all using the same system. Along the way the platform has been automatically adjusting input costs and various spatial calculations so the farmer can generate accurate reports about the health and operating costs of his fields.

Scouting Recommendations are now available on the AgDNA Precision Platform.

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