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Introducing Pixel Profit – the essential financial analysis tool for every farmer’s toolkit

Introducing Pixel Profit – the essential financial analysis tool for every farmer’s toolkit

Exclusive to AgDNA’s Precision Plus platform, Pixel Profit is a revolutionary new profit and loss field analysis tool that critically analyzes a farmer’s field and automatically calculates profit and loss management zones on every acre.

Show me the money

By visually breaking down a field into segments by crop performance, farmers are able to see precisely which parts of the field are performing well and devise action plans on how to address under performing field zones.

With segments categorized in terms of Poor, Average and High, Pixel Profit at its core is a point-and-click data map that gives farmers an overview of profit limiting factors and it is an essential tool in deciding what actions growers need to take to optimize the profitability of their entire growing season.

Pixel Profit, quite literally, turns pixels into profit.

More than just ROI

Mark Sullivan, an AgDNA strategist for the southern United States, has been working on the sidelines with dealers and growers in the south-east for over a year to help develop and implement Pixel Profit’s revolutionary farm financial approach.

Beyond accurate ROI reporting, Sullivan says that growers are have generated additional savings and boosted net profit by using the Pixel Profit tool in land rent negotiations.

“Land rent prices in the area are prone to fluidity. What we’re finding is that AgDNA’s profit and loss analysis is incredibly helpful for producers when they’re evaluating the feasibility of their rental arrangements”, he said.

“Negotiable rate structures are dependent on yield and ROI factors and local farmers feel like they’re in a better position to start negotiating lease agreements that flex with gross revenue”, Sullivan continued.

Speaking on the impact of Pixel Profit during its development, Sullivan believes that the response from farmers shows that Pixel Profit will soon become a standard in every farmer’s seasonal toolkit.

“Predictive analytics gives farmers the answers to questions that they never knew they needed to ask. Pixel Profit analyzes every determinate factor that affects every square inch of a field during the season and converts it into a visual map”, Sullivan said. “That kind of predictive analysis just simply wasn’t commercially available for growers in a cost effective form”.

Available as part of the Precision Plus module of AgDNA’s Precision Platform, Pixel Profit is commercially available to all growers from as little as a few dollars per acre.

Under the hood – How Pixel Profit is calculated

AgDNA’s predictive matrix is made up of an immense chain of IoT driven automated data collection points: Wireless probes, machine activity data, remote sensors, and real-time commodity tracking all make up the core components of AgDNA’s automated algorithms.

Pixel Profit takes AgDNA’s powerful automated backbone and calculates the precise amount of seed, chemical and fertilizer inputs along with their rate and location throughout the field. By instantly cross-referencing all this data in real-time , Pixel Profit accurately determines input costs required to build profit and loss calculations on a spatial basis and overlays net profit over every square meter of the field.

This is where Pixel Profit shines. If you can SEE net profit (or loss) on every acre you have a more authoritative view on determining whether the impact is due to machine effectiveness, environmental issues, inventory changes or modified farming practices.

Pixel Profit is the most accurate way of calculating genuine ROI using the most relevant determinate factors.

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