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Introducing AgDNA PRIME

Introducing AgDNA PRIME

AgDNA PRIME is an iOS and Android mobile app and website platform that helps you manage your growing season from soil to silo.

Let's take some time to look at the controls of AgDNA PRIME so you can familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the platform, how it differs from previous versions and how you can start maximizing the potential of every acre on your farm.

The Landing Page



Your AgDNA PRIME landing page is your hub for accessing the controls of your app. Here you can:

  • Access your personal AgDNA message inbox
  • View localized weather conditions
  • Access your MyFarm map screen & digital farm
  • Track commodity prices, and
  • Read up-to-the-minute ag news

The Flyout Menu

Located at the top left hand side of the main app screen and represented by the three line icon, the Flyout menu is where you will find the majority of the administrative functions and spatial databases of your mobile app. Here are some of the features you'll find in the Flyout menu:

  • Your Farm Setup menu (Important: see sections below)
  • Sign in/Registration
  • Help guides
  • AgDNA Support
  • Data privacy links

Signing in/Registering with AgDNA

Whether you're returning to your mobile farm or creating a new one, your Sign In and Registration controls are managed through the Sign In button located on the bottom of the Flyout Menu (see above).

To create a new account with AgDNA PRIME, simply select the Sign In button from the Flyout Menu and then select the Create an Account button located on the bottom left of the Sign In screen. This will begin the process of creating your new AgDNA PRIME account.

Your MyFarm management functionality

Once you've signed in or created your AgDNA PRIME account, you can start adding new fields, activities and scouting observations from your online farm.

Your AgDNA PRIME account gives you the following benefits:

  • Easily map field boundaries and calculate total field area
  • Pre-plan upcoming season activities and share with others
  • Share field scouting observations and images automatically
  • Link others to your account so all activities are saved in one location

Features of AgDNA PRIME

  • Portability - View your farm on any Apple and Android mobile device
  • Unlimited activity records
  • Turn-by-turn directions to all of your fields via maps
  • PDF field reports
  • Localized weather conditions and real-time commodity prices
  • Region specific units of measurement
  • An upgraded map with more boundary options and extra activity types, plus
  • More field data at your fingertips than ever before

Features coming in future versions

The GPS Jobs functionality from your classic AgDNA app is being upgraded for use on additional mobile platforms. While this is happening, we're removing GPS activity recording on the initial roll-out version of AgDNA PRIME and your current saved GPS jobs will not be viewable in your new AgDNA PRIME mobile account.

AgDNA will be releasing more updates soon about GPS jobs and new functionality coming in future versions of the AgDNA PRIME mobile app and desktop website.


If you have any queries about your AgDNA account, visit our FAQ website or contact us via our website.