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Inside AgDNA's dealer FMS application

Inside AgDNA's dealer FMS application

Introducing AgDNA’s dealer Apple and Android mobile app, just one of the free value added services you can expect from us once you become an authorized AgDNA partner.

AgDNA’s Farm Management Software (FMS) platform is considered one of the world’s most innovative customer management solutions and was designed with dealerships like yours in mind to boost the value of your existing integrated solutions services.

In short, the AgDNA FMS is a software tool that syncs with your customer’s Operations Center account, AFS Connect profile or in-field equipment to help them increase yield, reduce input costs and maximize their farm profitability.

For yourself, by incorporating AgDNA into your retail inventory, you can help your dealership drive more equipment sales, increase its competitiveness among local dealers and begin building deeper relationships with customers.

Of course, no modern day management strategy is complete without the ability for your customers to take their operation mobile, so as part of our ongoing service to our dealer partners, once your dealership signs on with AgDNA you’ll also receive at no extra cost a personalized Apple and Android mobile application, fully branded for your dealership.

Let’s take a look at some of its most important marketing and management features:

A fully customized landing/hub page

Your landing page is completely customizable, with unique background images and personalized mobile moments available to suit your dealership.

From here your customers can browse the various functions of the app, as well as access the unique store information for each of your dealerships. In essence, this is your home screen, the crucial focal point that acts as a hub for your all information. Swiping horizontally across the screen will change the information displayed in your custom mobile moments, and hitting the menu icon on the far right will access even more administrative functions.

Put your store locations on front street

Being completely dynamic and geo-synchronous, your app has the ability to not only display your store locations, but offer customers turn by turn directions to their nearest dealer. The top map is fully scrollable, and tapping on store locations changes the information displayed in the central status bars. Via their mobile device, users can email or phone stores instantly, putting your dealership directly into your customer’s pocket.

Publish promotions and store specials

With the application you can upload your own unique store specials, increasing customer engagement by giving the customer a reason to check back with your app regularly.

Your promotions not only features a detailed image, description and price, it also gives your new customer the option to call or email directly from the promotion screen; a call to action that removes the barrier between the customer and fiddly contact forms.

Become the most important news outlet for your customers

Keeping customers informed in key – your news page is 100% controlled by you, and allows you to disseminate your blogs, articles, or important updates to your client base, something that will encourage engagement on even greater levels.

News articles are dynamic, and are controlled by your online control panel located in your dealer web portal. Once you upload articles via the portal they are instantly updated on your application, with the latest story being displayed first as featured article at the top of the screen. Tapping on a news item will open the article screen.

Once here a user can choose to share the article via social media, a particularly useful tool for you if your business is a regular content generator.

Send targeted push notifications directly to your customer’s mobile device

Push Notifications allow you to send targeted, fully customizable direct messages to your audience via their iPhone, Android devices and tablets.

Notifications also work while the customer’s app is shut down, and each push you make from your online dealer portal automatically syncs with the notification center of your customer’s device.

This means you can keep your customers up to date with timely, relevant content direct from your dealership.

Manage their FMS account while on the fly

Your new dealer app is more than just a marketing platform for your dealership; every customer that subscribes to your new AgDNA service can use your mobile app to begin managing their online farm either in-field or from a remote location.

By syncing to your new personalized online portal, they can draw new field boundaries, create and save farm activities and catalog yield limiting observations by generating scouting reports.

More than anything, their new branded FMS mobile app is an analytical tool that they can use to check up on the current weather conditions of their farm.

Take your dealership to the next level

A fully branded mobile application is just one of many services we offer to our dealer partners. Take your integrated services to the next level and contact us now to request a free demonstration of the AgDNA FMS:

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Mark Sullivan
(309) 221 7611