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How to access weather on your PRO and PRECISION account

How to access weather on your PRO and PRECISION account

General localized weather services are fine, however they’re not personalized to your farm or specifically to your fields.

We’re proud of our weather integration: every single account and every dealer branded portal is equipped as standard with powerful real-time weather information that is keyed specifically to the fields on your farm.

Whether you log into the web version of your account or via the mobile app, a wealth of useful information and real-time analytics are available to you at any time of the day:

  • Current conditions
  • Rainfall per field and rainfall radar
  • Historical rainfall per hour or the last 24 hours
  • Rainfall history for the current season and 5-year average histographs
  • Wind speed
  • 4 day forecast for your specific geographical location
  • Sunrise/Sunset, and
  • Even more

Accessing the weather is as easy as 1-2-3:

1.  In your web account, simply select the Weather icon to bring up your rainfall radar or the Graph icon on your horizontal navbar to view your farm’s rainfall and weather history

2.  Also, selecting any of your fields will automatically display a localized weather overlay for that selected field

3.  Lastly via your mobile app, a full weather readout is available for your farm on your app landing page any time you open it, 24/7

We’ve also created a useful video and tutorial guide on accessing the weather on your AgDNA account.

Your fields never lie and accurate real-time weather information is the backbone of your ability to make critical, season boosting decisions on your farm.  Contact your local authorized AgDNA dealer partner now to learn more about how you can start maximizing the potential of every acre on your farm.