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Harvest 2017 - AgDNA Introduces support for CSV imports

Harvest 2017 - AgDNA Introduces support for CSV imports

AgDNA introduces support for CSV file imports.


We’ve made AgDNA’s premiere Harvest Tracking capabilities even better with the introduction of CSV compatibility.

With our latest update, now you can import your third party CSV files into your AgDNA online account and consolidate all of your external harvest delivery data in one place.

Crop security – From soil to silo

The update is a boon for AgDNA’s powerful harvest functionality.

With AgDNA’s Precision Platform farmers can track their valuable harvest deliveries all the way to the final destination. The Platform’s unique Harvest Tracking feature gives growers an extra level of security by highlighting lost, inconsistent or redundant harvest records.

Improve crop delivery accuracy

AgDNA’s Harvest Tracking tools empower drivers and contractors with the ability to capture delivery records with vital weight/location/time information on-the-spot via their mobile devices and upload a photo of the scale ticket directly to the grower’s cloud based online account.

This means growers can track deliveries of their crops in real-time, eliminating lost deliveries and inaccurate yield financial reporting.

Download the case study and see how one grower used AgDNA's Harvest Tracking feature to track down a $6,000 missing crop load

Post-Yield Calibration

At the push of a single button, AgDNA’s Post-Yield Calibration can calculate the difference between bushels harvested and bushels delivered and automatically adjust yield records and financial reports to suit.

AgDNA’s calibration functionality is an essential part of every farmer’s harvest toolkit. It marks the difference between bushels taken out of the ground and bushels delivered; an issue that if incorrectly calculated can have a decisively negative effect on financial reporting.

Smart Harvest

AgDNA’s Precision Platform hosts a suite of automated record keeping and inventory features; the Precision Platform combines financials with powerful insights pulled straight from machines in real-time to calculate running totals for activity costs, predict income by yield and automate inventory numbers with each pass through the field.

Come harvest this means you’ll have the most accurate seasonal yield, inventory and machine generated planting data to begin preparation for #Harvest17. Plus, using AgDNA’s unique equipment offset upload functionality you can remotely adjust your in-field machinery’s implement settings wirelessly. This means you’ll reduce prep time, save labor costs and get into the field faster.

With AgDNA, uploading CSV files is as easy as 1,2,3

1. On your MyFarm map screen, select the Add icon

2. The Upload Data menu allows you to import numerous types of OEM and third party data. Select the CSV option

3. From the CSV page, hit the select a file button, choose your file and select Upload. Your CSV data has now been imported into your online farm

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If you’re a grower and want to learn more about how AgDNA can help reduce farm costs and increase yield, visit our Dealer Network website to find your local authorized AgDNA dealer.