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Harvest 2015 – How AgDNA future proofs your investment

Harvest 2015 – How AgDNA future proofs your investment

It’s interesting looking at the amount of control farmers have during harvest season; a huge array of variables need to come together just perfectly for harvests to be profitable and bountiful.

Among everything else harvest is invariably tied closest to finance, and according to analysts the 52 week high in the value of the greenback burst sometime after march, and now sits only 12% higher than it did the same time last year.  It’s an interesting situation; if the dollar sits too high exports weaken, particularly from cash struck China, and of course if the value drops too much the harvest season is worth considerably less for a farmer.

But while finance is always on the mind of most farmers, it’s interesting to note that commodities and monetary values only make up a small percentage of harvest season.

It’s an important point to make, especially considering the flash flooding and surge in rainfall in the southern plains areas this week. Weather, soil conditions and logistics make up the other all-important pieces of pie, and together all four are stark reminders that there is no part of the whole that is bigger than its counterparts.

For this reason AgDNA has a bold vision – a single, unified platform that allows farmers and contractors the ability to manage all four of those things from a solitary control panel.

As such, AgDNA has proven itself to future proof your investment, and here’s how:

AgDNA is more than an app, it’s a complete farm management system

When we say it’s more than an app, that isn’t a fancy form of rhetoric – AgDNA actually is more than an app, it’s also a detailed online control panel that administers your entire farm on your desktop computer or laptop.

You see AgDNA is a complete system; it’s an online control panel and map that links to your phone or tablet while you’re in-field working.

You can find a write up of our online account controls here.

AgDNA is packed with features, and it’s constantly evolving

So what does all this have to do with “future proofing my investment?”

Well, quite simply put, the more control you have over the four elements of your farm (Financials, weather, soil conditions, and logistics) the easier it is to steer your farm towards greater yield come harvest.

Let’s have a look at what you get with AgDNA:

Comprehensive Charts

Your online account controls your access to an incredibly detailed overview of your farm. Here you can track climate, rainfall, commodities, weather forecasts, and even the status of your crops.

Activities and activity calendars

Working in tandem with your mobile app, your online control panel is a conduit for what happens in-field and behind the scenes. Use your app to automatically track activities via GPS, and use your online account to track, edit and schedule all of your harvest activities.


More than anything, AgDNA is a digital representation of your entire farming operation from top to bottom.  Keep accurate records of vehicles, implements, crop inputs, hybrid and variety types, contractors or staff, scouting observations, and even buildings.

Scouting Observations

Using the AgDNA MyFarm map system both online and on the mobile app, you can accurately plot the exact location of a number of scouting types, such as diseases, insects, pests, and weeds.

Crop tracking

Few management tools offer this feature, and AgDNA is the only free service to do so – the AgDNA Crop tracker tool was designed to bridge the gap between growers and contractors, and remove the inaccuracies of pre-existing systems that monitor crops between when they leave the field, and are delivered for processing.

Future Proofing

At AgDNA we believe this where the future of farming exists; our aim is to make more data services available to growers by giving them access to more spatial data and activity information than ever before.

AgDNA can future proof your farm by providing you with the right tools to help increase yield, raise profits, and increase your bottom line.

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