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Generating variable rate prescriptions via your PRECISION account

Generating variable rate prescriptions via your PRECISION account

Did you know that your PRECISION account can generate variable rate prescriptions at the push of a button and send them wirelessly to your in-field machinery? VRx is an important part of your account’s precision ag toolkit  - available exclusively to PRECISION account holders, the Management Zone and Prescription creation tools can use existing soil topography data or previous applications as a base to generate new variable-rate prescriptions and management zones that are perfectly suited to your fields.

Generating prescriptions using your PRECISION account is incredibly easy.

You can use pre-existing automated activity layers, machine data or even soil layers as the basis for creating your prescription management zones. By default each one of your fields should automatically have a soil layer assigned to it, however if you don’t it’s also possible to use layer data that’s been uploaded via an RCD data upload.

Find our management zone tutorial here.

After you have generated a management zone:

1.  Open the Add icon (+) on your horizontal map navbar and select the Rx prescription option under the Add Work heading.

2.  After you’ve put in the basics, the next screen allows you to assign an activity to the prescription. The Create Activity switch also gives you the opportunity to create a pending activity for the prescription and assigns it automatically into your activity calendar. Once you’ve created an activity, hit Next

3. Select the data layer you’re using for the prescription and hit Next

4.  The next screen allows you to fill in the specifics of the prescription, including the variable rate information for each management zone. Once you’ve filled in the details hit Finish


Closing the Process Status window has no effect on the VRx upload and you can check the upload status at any time by selecting the Process Status option located under the Welcome menu on the right hand side of your MyFarm map screen.

Your PRO or PRECISION account gives you the option of exporting your farm data in a variety of ways, including the ability to send AB Guidance lines, implement offsets and prescriptions directly to equipment that’s synced to your farm.

To export a prescription:

1.  Open the Export tool, located on the map horizontal navbar

2.  To send your prescription directly to a machine simply choose the type of file you want send, edit the file name and select the Send to Machine option. This will bring up a page that allows you choose the destination of your file

3.  Once you’ve selected a profile name, you can specify the datasets you want included in your export. Toggle the Include Prescriptions switch, select the prescriptions you want to include and hit next

4.  Review the contents of your export and hit Finish

And that’s it. You’ve now generated a variable rate prescription and sent it to your in-field machinery.

If you have any questions regarding VRx, Management Zones or upgrading to a PRECISION account, contact your local authorized AgDNA dealer partner now.