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Generate prescriptions using AgDNA's NDVI tool

AgDNA’s all new Automated NDVI Crop Health Toolkit with advanced cloud detection has just launched, taking low-cost crop health monitoring to a new dimension.

But what makes AgDNA’s NDVI toolkit so different? Well, number one it’s incredibly easy to use. Second, with incredibly accurate crop health data at your fingertips you can start generating Management Zones and Variable Rate Prescriptions that can then be sent wirelessly to your in-field equipment without the need for manual upload – in other words, using AgDNA’s NDVI toolkit you can identify issues, generate an action plan and upload that solution directly to your machinery without the need to upload a single file manually.

Start generating prescriptions today

Using AgDNA, generating Variable Rate Prescriptions from NDVI imagery is a simple 3 step process:

1.  Open the Crop Health tab on the left-hand side of the fully interactive MyFarm map screen

2.  Select an appropriate image set, open its fields and select Create Zone(s), and

3.  Use the Zone Management tool to start automatically generating prescriptions

That’s it, easy as pie.

If you’re a grower and you would like to know more AgDNA’s latest satellite crop health toolkit, head to our Dealer Network website at https://agdna.com/dealer/find to find an authorized AgDNA dealer in your area.

If you’re a large ag equipment dealer or run an agribusiness and you’re interested in a demonstration of AgDNA’s NDVI functionality, contact us now via our Dealer FMS website at https://agdna.com/dealerfms