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AgDNA's mission and our values

At AgDNA, we believe that our farming communities are the lifeblood of our society – as important mainstays of social order, boosting a farm’s return on investment is paramount to keeping the wheels of a nation turning. Every square inch of farmland is as valuable as gold and every acre has the potential to be maximized for optimal efficiency to help keep the heart of a nation pumping.

This is why at AgDNA our mission is to maximize the potential of every acre on your farm. Our goal is to develop and implement new Farm Management Software (FMS) platforms that increase yield, boost ROI and synchronize effectively with your existing machines.

In the end our aim is to automate the farming experience as much as possible, giving farmers, agronomists and primary producers pitch perfect analytics and leaving them with more time to operate their agribusinesses effectively. Via syncing with in-field machinery, satellite integration and connection to the internet-of-things, we’ve made sure that the AgDNA FMS is the most powerful management software available to farmers today.

How AgDNA gets our products to you.

For over 5 years AgDNA has been working closely with dealer partners and co-ops in your local community, building and testing precision ag tools that help drive modern agriculture. It’s through our localized dealership partners that our customers can get their hands on AgDNA’s precision FMS.

By turning local dealerships into hubs of information, our hope is to re-invigorate the relationship between farmer and supplier. Local dealerships are hubs for data and are a wealth of important information regarding conditions on the ground for other farms within the same community.

Because of this, our aim is to re-invent VRT and make it a more localized experience. Who better than local dealerships to have access to local knowledge? Imagine precision ag software, managed by your local dealership, that can give you a complete plan for your entire season, including the variety types that will seed effectively during planting, the correct inputs for managing their growth stages and will wirelessly sync most cost saving settings for machinery during harvest.

In short, AgDNA is the personification of the relationship between grower and supplier – through local dealerships and partnerships with co-ops, we’re able to deliver our products to your community backed with localized knowledge and personalized support.

The future for AgDNA

Supported by over 100+ manufacturers and controller types, our goal at AgDNA is to continue redefining FMS platforms. In five years we’ve helped push the envelope of what’s possible using low-cost subscription software, in five more, our goal is turn automated variable-rate technologies into a standard for all farms across North America and the world.

Thank you for being part of our journey.