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AgDNA launches new product to boost both growers and dealers

AgDNA launches new product to boost both growers and dealers

What you can find in this update:

  • We’re introducing a new flat fee subscription 
  • Simplified pricing means more subscribers
  • How AgDNA’s Precision Platform will improve the value of your management services

On Monday, 1 May 2017 we’re launching a new subscription service that’s not tied to per acre pricing. The new Precision Platform is a simple one size fits all pricing option growers can purchase regardless of farm size.

This is going to have a positive impact in numerous ways and will benefit our Precision Platform users by making it more rewarding for growers and by adding value to a dealer’s precision ag farm management services.

2017 Precision Platform pricing

Precision Platform users are now divided into three categories:

Whenever a new account is created on the Precision Platform they are automatically marked as a Demo trial account. Demo accounts have access to all of the features of a regular paid subscriber, however their access becomes limited after 30 days.

With a 30 day period to browse the features of the Precision Platform, growers will be able to experience the time and money saving benefits of the system sooner rather than later and gain real world experience increasing yield and lowering costs on their own farms.

Precision accounts represent the standard user on the Precision Platform and they have access across their entire farm to all of the precision ag features the system offers (MyJohnDeere integration, automated inventory, field financials etc), except those listed below under Precision Plus.

The introduction of a simplified yearly subscription makes it easier for growers with farms of all sizes to appreciate the power of the Precision Platform and to the experience the simplicity that the system adds to their growing season.

A yearly flat fee subscription also makes it easier for growers with Demo accounts to make the decision to become subscribers after their 30 day trial period comes to an end. In all, AgDNA’s new yearly subscription price model benefits both growers and dealers.

Precision Plus
Precision Plus is the first up-gradable module for the Precision Platform and is offered to users on a field-by-field basis. The annual per acre upgrade price allows unlimited use of the Precision Plus features for 12 months for the selected field. An active Precision Platform account must be maintained at all times to access the Precision Plus module.

Precision Plus offers the following additional features:

Zone Manager

  • Variable rate seeding and application prescriptions
  • VRx import and export

Pixel Profit
The AgDNA exclusive solution automatically calculates the income and expenses of every activity spatially across every acre. It then visually breaks down your entire farm into critical profit and loss management zones. See precisely which parts of the field are performing well, analyze the causes of underperforming regions and make informed management decisions on how to address them.

Coming soon to Precision Plus:

  • NDVI Imagery
  • Nitrogen advisor

What this means in the long term

In all, the new account types and pricing model allows growers to experience the benefits of the Precision Platform sooner and gives dealers more control and support when helping farmers move from Demo trial users to paid subscribers.

You can find more about upgrading Demo users to paid subscribers here at the AgDNA Help Center.

Contact AgDNA

If you’re a dealer and want to know more, contact your local AgDNA representative:

Western US and Canada
Bret Shaw
(405) 614 5552

Southern US
Russell Cauthen
(601) 559 5474

Eastern US
Mark Sullivan
(309) 221 7611

If you’re a grower and want to learn more about how AgDNA can help reduce farm costs and increase yield, visit our Dealer Network website to find your local authorized AgDNA dealer.