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AgDNA is a complete solution – January to December

AgDNA is a complete solution – January to December

Unlike the Silicon Valley Startups, AgDNA doesn’t focus its attention on a single seasonal specific feature, instead AgDNA has created a platform that increases profit and maximizes efficiency 365 days a year.

The AgDNA Platform is a mobile and web based intelligent precision ag tool that is just as relevant to dealers and growers on January 1, as it is on the 31st December.

From soil to silo, maximize your customer’s crop yield and increase the efficiency of their farm with these powerful precision ag features:


Automatic Farm Setup via MyJohnDeere: As an authorized John Deere API partner, AgDNA integrates with MyJohnDeere to allow instantaneous setup of field boundaries, vehicles and even AB Guidance Lines with the push of a button

A Global Products Database: Generate localized inventory lists, create unique product blends and save hours of manual loading by importing specialized items directly from AgDNA’s Dealer Database

-  Soil Composition: Generate effective crop management plans and maximize yield by examining the soil composition on every acre of your customer’s farm

Planting and Application

Work Order Reports: AgDNA’s Work Order reporting system can tell operators the specific coordinates for each activity, the workable field area and even the exact composition of application tank mixes and product blends

AB Machine Guidance: Generate new guidance lines or edit existing AB guidance lines using your online portal and wirelessly send them directly to machines in-field. AgDNA’s AB Guidance feature is the most effective third party guidance solution available on the market today

Activity Insights: With machine integration via MyJohnDeere, all of your seasonal activities are automatically recorded by your AgDNA Platform and are processed for viewing on AgDNA’s powerful MyFarm map feature. Generate useful insights with every pass through the field and use evidence based analysis tools to pinpoint yield limiting factors mid season

Point and click field reporting: Track field specific weather data, financial information, scouting observations, soil  statistics and more by clicking on any field on your MyFarm map screen

Automated Financials and Inventory: Turn your vehicles into automated bookkeepers with AgDNA; with total machine integration your platform automatically adjusts inventory stocks and cost for every activity throughout the season


-  Harvest Tracking and Post-Yield Calibration: AgDNA empowers growers with the ability to create new crop processing records, enter in weight/location/time variables and upload a photo of their weigh ticket directly to an online account. Once crops have been delivered, AgDNA’s Post-Yield Calibration tool automatically calculates the difference between bushels harvested and bushels delivered, meaning growers will have 100% accurate yield information and real-time financial data at the push of a button

Financial Reporting: Once harvest is over, AgDNA’s financial tools gives you the ability to generate extensive profit and loss reports for your customers on every field, in numerous categories

So if you’re a leading large ag equipment dealer or agribusiness and want to offer your customers premium precision ag solutions to help your customer increase yields and lower operating costs, then contact AgDNA today for a free demonstration.