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AgDNA and FarmShots Announce Satellite Imagery Integration to Boost Crop Yields

AgDNA and FarmShots Announce Satellite Imagery Integration to Boost Crop Yields

The AgDNA Farm Management Software and FarmShots platform allows growers and trusted advisors to seamlessly integrate satellite imagery from FarmShots into AgDNA to improve operational efficiencies.

AgDNA andFarmShots have collaborated to allow users to seamlessly share high quality in-season satellite imagery. Integration between the two digital platforms helps AgDNA and FarmShots customers make informed decisions throughout the growing season and deliver actionable insights such as application prescriptions wirelessly to their connected equipment.

AgDNA analyzes the satellite imagery streamed from FarmShots to assess crop health and other issues such as nitrogen or moisture stress. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the satellite imagery alongside other agronomic data sets, AgDNA is able to automatically determine insights to help growers improve operational efficiencies such as reducing field scouting efforts or appropriate management zones and recommending corrective actions within a field.

* Export screen from FarmShots platform. Export directly into your AgDNA account

“Our goal at AgDNA is to help grower’s maximize profitability on every acre of their operation. By combining satellite imagery from FarmShots with agronomic data from their in-field equipment, AgDNA is able to provide growers and their trusted advisors with a deeper understanding of crop performance and operational insights throughout the season,” said Paul Turner, AgDNA CEO. “FarmShots ability to provide satellite data from major providers such as Planet, Landsat and Sentinel means we can offer a global solution to our channel partners and end users across all the international markets we operate in.”

The ability to automatically capture and analyze meaningful agronomic data in near real-time is unlocking significant economic value for growers across the country. The AgDNA FMS provides a seamless single-sign-on solution allowing growers to access all their agronomic, equipment and financial data from anywhere and anytime. “By integrating the various FarmShots satellite imagery layers such as NDVI we can deliver more insights and therefore more value to our customers and improve their bottom line”, said Turner.

The increasing available imagery combined with other critical data layers will enhance all aspects of a grower’s operation, saving time, reducing inputs and increasing profitability. 

About AgDNA
AgDNA is a cloud-based mobile application and web platform designed to empower farmers with the ability to make informed decisions about their entire farming operation. The comprehensive enterprise-level farm management platform includes farm planning, inventory management, agronomic insights, equipment optimization and field-level financial reports. AgDNA provides actionable insights to increase yield, lower operating costs and maximize farm profitability on every acre.

About FarmShots
FarmShots is a leader in producing advanced analytics for agriculture from satellite and drone imagery. FarmShots collects imagery and applies big data algorithms and machine learning to deliver actionable data to farmers to help them locate problems faster, reduce input costs, and make day to day agronomic decisions. To learn more, visit www.farmshots.com