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5 things farmers want equipment manufacturers to know

5 things farmers want equipment manufacturers to know

It seems like such an obsequious article title, but in reality it feels there are often times when farm equipment manufacturers are behind the 8-ball when it comes to listening to critical feedback from their audience.

Huge effort is consistently put into generating social media content on their behalf, but the conversation often goes one way, and at AgDNA we feel that critical feedback from farmers is important when creating durable field-tested products.

Using their own social media, farmers are constantly tweeting, writing, creating, and sharing with the world the intricacies of their life, and most importantly the boundaries that are imposed upon them by their machinery.

Just by looking at everyday conversations, we’ve put together a list of 5 things that we believe farmers want equipment manufacturers to know:

1. Their circumstances change, quickly

Why is this important for companies to know? Personal, environmental, or financial circumstances can set back an entire harvest, destroy a vehicle, or even cripple a farmer’s ability to operate. For this reason, local dealerships and even the manufacturer themselves often become the first port of when providing solutions to important output-changing circumstances.

2. Things break down all the time

Open dialogue between manufacturers and customers goes beyond the sales process – as we know equipment sometimes has a tendency to break down , and if the communication between dealers and clients is diluted (or even non-existent), manufacturers can start watching their loyal customer base jump ship very quickly. Communication is key.

3. Farmers love their statistics

If it has lots of numbers on it, it’s a winner. After sales software is crucially important to a farmer’s business, and with the recent shift in commodity prices farmers are paying attention to numbers now more than ever.

4. Farmers come in all shapes and sizes

The unseasonal weather isn’t bad for everyone – it’s important to note that while it may be quiet for some, there are other farmers out there right in the middle of their busiest season.

5. They’re online, waiting to be spoken to

For some dealers social media can understandably become distracting from a sales and service point of view, but it’s worthy to note that farmers are out there, right now, eagerly sharing with the world how well their equipment is working for them. Farmers want to be connected with, spoken to, and continue their interaction with manufacturers long after the sale is done.