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AgDNA's mission is to empower farmers with the tools to maximize profit on every acre

AgDNA puts growers first

AgDNA is a cloud based application and web platform that was designed specifically with the future of farming in mind. It empowers farmers with the ability to make informed decisions about their entire farming operation.

AgDNA is the future of farming

The days of manually entering data into a spreadsheet are numbered. AgDNA has brought the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to agriculture to create agronomic insights automatically from your equipment data.

AgDNA works from soil to silo

Finally there's a comprehensive enterprise level farm management platform that covers all your data needs. Farm planning, inventory management, agronomic insights, equipment optimization, financial records all in one place!

AgDNA gives equipment dealers the tools to help change farming forever

AgDNA increases engagement

The AgDNA platform provides 24hr support to farmers when they need it most, and helps large ag equipment dealers strengthen ties between themselves and their community.

AgDNA is customizable

Regardless of state, region or even country, AgDNA allows dealers and users to customize their platform and their inventory lists so it reflects growers locally.

AgDNA offers free demos

If you’re a large ag dealership and want to increase your engagement and change the lives of farmers in your community, contact AgDNA now for a free trial.

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what AgDNA can do for your agribusiness

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