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AgDNA is an innovative mobile record keeping platform for farmers, contractors, agronomists and workers.

The AgDNA app can connect everyone and everything on and off your farm so all data is saved to a single secure location on the cloud.
I absolutely love this app it’s so handy.
Aaron, United States
This app looks brilliant!
Gavan, Australia
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AgDNA is a powerful record keeping and data management platform for crop producers around the world.

Let your workers, contractors and agronomist record information directly to your account from their mobile! No special hardware or extra data plans required.

Everyone on your farm has access to the latest information right from their smartphone or tablet.
  • Mobile
    Record Keeping
  • Integrated
    Third Party Data
  • GPS
  • LiveView
    Fleet Tracking
  • Scouting
  • Import
    Spatial Data
  • Native App
    Works Offline
  • Cloud
    Sync & Share
Great app that is going down a storm on our farm.
James, United States
Thank you very much… a happy Spanish farmer!
Jaime, Spain
Tailored Solutions for Corporate Farms
Streamline your row crop, broad acre, horticulture or viticulture operation with AgDNA’s enterprise level mobile platform.
  • Full Traceability
    Let the AgDNA mobile app help you record and manage all your critical farming data.
  • Issue Word Orders
    Plan upcoming activities and dispatch directly to your workers or contractors.
  • Field Profitability
    Gain deeper insight into input costs, productivity and profitability for each field.
  • Logistics & Operations
    Track equipment location and progress in real-time whilst saving all work to the cloud.
Global Community. Local Results.
AgDNA is for farmers of all shapes, sizes and locations.
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A great advantage to horticultural businesses.
Tim, Australia
Great application!
Gianluca, Romania
The World’s Best Use AgDNA
Our partners use AgDNA to engage with their customers.
Very impressed how easy it works and how flexible it is.
Gerrit, Australia
A huge benefit for our industry.
Tuukka, Finland
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